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What Do You As A Fan Need To See This Offseason?

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Head Coach Mike McDaniel was brought in with one primary goal: get the Miami Dolphins back to the playoffs. Well check, he did accomplish that goal. In the first playoff appearance for this team in seven years, in an away game, in cold and at times snowy and windy conditions, against one of the top teams in the NFL, his team nearly, almost pulled off the upset win with a third-string quarterback. I am like most. Almost does about as little for me as nothing at all. But with that being the truth for most it cannot be overlooked that a rookie coach with all the usual rookie coach mistakes and a ton of key injuries, including losing your starting quarterback for important stretches in the season was not only able to get this team into the playoffs but also nearly pulled off an upset win in the playoffs against a top team with a rookie 7th round quarterback.

As impressed as I have been with McDaniel and what he was able to accomplish with the team as a whole I know that more needs to be done. Bringing in a new defensive coordinator will be a great step but what else needs to be done?

What do you as a Miami Dolphins fan want to see happen with this team this offseason for us to get get to that next step? Which players do we need to let go and what players or types of players do we need to sign in free agency, trade for, draft, etc? Which other coaching changes need to be made? What other changes on and off the field that I have overlooked do you see as needs this offseason?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below-

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