The 2022-23 Optimism Awards

With many of the posters on this site being negative or being called trolls I would like to bring attention to those I have noticed as being, dare I say, down right optimistic.

Over time I’ve noticed how the number of visitors to this site during games actually increases if the Dolphins are losing. I commented on this and got a response back from Bassanova that "sometimes people just want to vent." I learned a lot from that comment because I didn’t have a better explanation than that. I know some people are naturally more negative than others but up till then I couldn’t understand how so many fans could post negative comments. The new and improved me looks at it from the perspective that these people are not negative as much as they are frustrated. I have friends (believe it or not) who will act up and throw things at the TV during games but I never thought of them as negative or trolls.

So for those out there like me who have a hard time dealing with posters who are negative, try to think of them as frustrated instead of negative and see if you might understand them better.

For those of you who are interested in the subject more, the book Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman is a classic. If you listen to politicians and coaches talk, including Mike McDaniel, you can tell who speaks in the way this book teaches you to speak. My book is Love-Explained, available on Amazon books.

I’m sure I have missed many of you optimists out there but the following is a list of posters who in the past few weeks I have noticed as being optimistic.

And now without further ado and in some particular order I present. The 2022-23 Krammy Awards.

First team.

PhinUteJazz, TheMiamiUte, EJPLAYA, Thephinz, Inkaine, Oldfinfan, Wildfin22, FLSurferMike, Chophousefan

Honorably mentioned.

Lightspiz23, Ritty77, BigGuy305, CaptainDolhin, daytonadolphan, JustACog, D_MiaSports, DrGreenthumb, FlaSportsFanatic, Alpha6, Pinkfish54, Dolfanjoe

Keep up the good work.

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