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Should He Stay Or Should He Go? The Phinsider Faithful Have A Variety Of Opinions On Mike Gesicki!

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

This week we asked three different questions in three different posts. The first of the three questions was about the future of tight end Mike Gesicki and if the Dolphins should re-sign him or allow him to walk. Gesicki has become a fan favorite, due to both his ability to make the timely and spectacular catch but also his attitude that remained very positive despite his role being reduced this past season by a large amount. The question may have become one that was answered after I wrote the post when general manager Chris Grier stated that “Gesicki has earned the right to be a free agent” with no further statement on his future for the Dolphins. It sounds, at least to me, as if Grier is more than prepared to allow Gesicki to walk. Here is what the Phinsider faithful had to say about the subject-

Alpha6 seemed to echo my take on the subject-

Hmmm, let’s see. 10 million for standing on the sideline? On the other hand, are there any TE’s on the roster or in free-agency to take his load? (giggity) Maybe try again in the draft, but that’s a roulette. Hell, the team can make a lineman declare eligible every other 1st down lol. I don’t know, but I think the Dolphins move on from him. Grier even said, ‘he’s earned the right to be a free agent’.

Redwood_ sounds as if he was not that into him before and he’s not that into him now-

I did not want to re-sign Gesicki LAST offseason. And that was before the Dolphins hired McDaniel, whose offensive system was always obviously wrong for Gesicki. Even coming out of college, Gesicki had the rep of being completely unable to block, and that has held true in the NFL. He doesn’t seem to be good for anything besides seam patterns, and Fitzpatrick was the only QB we’ve had who was willing to throw those. In fact, for a player with only 52 targets over this entire season, Gesicki was involved in some of the Dolphins most dramatically failed offensive plays this year, often sideline routes with no chance of success. Let him go or kick him out, either one is fine with me.

Dolfan88 seems to still see some value in keeping Gesicki I think-

Who else do we have? Smythe whiffs too many blocking assignments and drops more passes the G. Long? Nah.

EJPLAYA seems a bit miffed over the opinion of others who want to keep him. Don’t fret too much PLAYA, none of those 400 were likely Chris Grier-

The fact that there are over 400 people who have voted in favor of keeping this guy is crazy. 15 plus mil for a guy who doesn’t fit into our system AT ALL, and did not improve his blocking when asked this year at all... The idea that you wouldn’t take that 15 mil and go out and get a couple starting caliber players at holes we have is just dumb. We need a guard really badly. Or a true center allowing Williams to go back to guard. We need a RT really badly. We need a stud MLBer really badly. We need another corner really badly. We very well might need a kicker. We can pick up quite a bit of that with that 15 mil. OR we can give it to a guy who will put up crap numbers and be discontent about his role. Real smart fellas.

Molly Polly II seems to be on the keep him bandwagon with the feeling that he’s not being utilized properly-

G was a hot shot in college and that’s why we drafted him….problem is we don’t target him enough to spread the ball around. If we want TEs to block (cuz our O-line sux) more than catch, cut him loose. If we want to move the ball around cuz they double our wideouts, keep him and THROW THE MAN THE DAMMM BALL! ;). Just look at the most successful teams in football, Kelce, Kittle, it’s not like they don’t make blocking mistakes but those are overlooked cuz THEY GET THE BALL! The coaches get them open and they GET THE BALL! This dude is our combat multiplier but we want him to block??? Killlin me smallzzzz…..

Jef1651 loves Gesicki but points out what most of us see as why he’s more than likely gone-

Love Gesicki. But he doesn’t fit in Miami’s system. He might not realize it now, but he deserves to play more and get paid more for his talents. In the end he will be much happier playing for another team. I wish him all the best in the future. p.s. Miami doesn’t need a superstar RB. They need a monster blocking TE to provide the last block needed to spring Mostert and Williams Jr. Draft D. Washington (need to trade for a higher pick here) or L Schoonmaker.

dolphinfan1323 has a take that I have thought of myself based on the idea of moving him to another position where blocking is not as vital-

Why didn’t miami just make him the 3rd wr this year the passing game seamed to be so much better when he was on the field. And he really brings the energy and excitement

darrel.owen has another thought that I had but mine was more along the lines of why don’t we trade him at the trade deadline if we are not going to use him before we get nothing for him although Darrel might be right and we still wind up with a comp pick-

Love Gesicki, but if he’s not going to be used, then let him go. At least we can get a comp pick or something for him. Seems odd to me that MM can’t figure out how to use a 6’6” guy with 4.5 speed and a 42” vertical, but what do I know?

edwinpena gave us his take, short, sweet, and to the point as well as the POV that most fans seem to have on the subject-

What Dolfan doesn’t like Gesicki ? Clutch catches for years. Problem is he is misfit here now on this roster and with this system. His price tag is too much for a luxury item like what he is right now, a decoy and redzone threat.

twinssdfan is squarely in the keep him camp-

I voted to keep him. He’s definitely faster than Joe Rose was and ever notice when he is the game defenses have to pay attention to him oh by the way Who caught the TD in 1st half of Bills game. HMMM watch it again and our Coach came up with a brilliant 2pt scheme with him the game to get the conversion. Know if Grier let’s him go, he will haunt the Fins down the road for a 3rd pick. Too me he is the best TE they have other than his blocking skills. Of course, they need money to free up. That will be a priority. Cut or signing bonus converted to help keep which player is the question. The possibility of a trading a player or two could happen. Free up some cap space. If Ross wants a Super Bowl this 2023 year will be a big test on getting players healthy and having good backups. I see OT fisher on free agent list, but he is on the 2023 roster on OTC.

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