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How Do You Grade Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel’s First Season? W/Poll

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Last offseason was like groundhog day for Miami Dolphins fans. Not long after the 2021 season ended we all found out that the team would once again go in another direction at head coach and as such also some new systems would be brought in for the players to learn. Then we all found out that the team would be hiring Mike McDaniel. McDaniel came with no head coaching experience but was widely considered an “offensive genius” but more than just a few people around the league.

While McDaniel was not my first choice last offseason he was also the candidate that I probably knew the least about. Thus far McDaniel has shown that he can get this team to play well on offense so long as there is a competent quarterback behind center which is something that we have longed for as Phins fans since Marino decided to retire. The defense, under most of the previous season's defensive staff, did take a step back. While some of the defensive issues can be attributed to injuries, especially the ones suffered by the secondary, the lack of acceptable play at times still falls at the feet of the head coach.

McDaniel seems to be a fan favorite thus far for not only his ability to coach but his personality which is possibly different than any we have ever seen from a head coach in the NFL. His first season in many ways, despite the huge ups and downs of the season, was a success. He did end his first season with a winning record and a position in the playoffs. In their playoff game against the Bills last week, despite being a loss it was to the number two seed in the AFC (which could have easily been the one seed) and yet the team still almost pulled off the upset while playing with their third string, seventh round, rookie quarterback.

McDaniel also had some real WTF moments this past season for many fans. I personally have questioned his clock management at times, although he did manage to often times get away with what seemed like horrible clock management when Tua or some other offensive player would bail him out with a huge play. I also at times questioned his play calling when I was easily able to predict the next play. I assume if I can predict something that a team is going to do so can the opposing coaching staff. Then there were the play challenges. There were at least two, including one sure touchdown, that CLEARLY needed to be challenged. Others plays that he did choose to challenge clearly should not have been challenged as the call on the field was clearly correct. Those things should be somewhat easy to correct and seriously need to be by next season.

So tonight's question is through the ups and downs and the amazing decisions to the questionable or downright terrible ones where do you rank Mike McDaniel in his first season as a head coach with the Miami Dolphins? Where do you think he currently sits among the other head coaches in the NFL and where do you think he will sit once he has a bit more experience under his belt? Are you as a fan confident that the organization made the correct decision by hiring McDaniel and why or why not?

Give us your thoughts on our head coach Mike McDaniel below as it applies to his first season as well as going forward in the comments section below-


Where do you grade Mike McDaniel for his first season as head coach of the Miami Dolphins?

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