2023 Live Mock Draft

What's up Miami!

Pittsblitz56 chiming in from BTSC as well as our draft group, The Legacy. We are currently in need of a Dolphins GM in our live draft. The draft itself is a 3 day event starting on Friday and going into Sunday. Friday would be Round 1, Saturday Rounds 2 and 3 and Sunday Rounds 4-7. The draft generally falls a couple of weeks before the NFL draft and if all possible will try to avoid the Easter weekend. We currently have 23 GMs returning for this years draft and half of those remain from the beginning of these drafts that took place on the pages of the respective sites of SB Nation. We created a private site to help with the overload of comments from our draft that doesn't seem to be able to hold up from the new system. Most of the GMs are from SB Nation and often share the results with their respective sites. If you have interest or know someone that would be interested leave a comment. If you have questions feel free to ask those as well.

Thanks for your time and good luck in the tournament

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