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Emmanuel Ogbah remains engaged with the team despite season-ending injury

Ogbah suffered a torn triceps muscle against the Browns.

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Defensive line coach Austin Clark met with the media on Thursday ahead of Sunday’s Super Wild Card round bout and spoke about Emmanuel Ogbah, who suffered a season-ending torn triceps muscle against the Cleveland Browns.

“We had a big game Sunday for us and he’s there,” Clark said. “He’s in the locker room. He’s around. I know the players and myself, I really value that. I value him as a person as well and the leadership he brings, and so that was that was awesome for us having him at the game and being around.”

Ogbah had 11 tackles and one sack this season before landing on injured reserve for the remainder of the year. The Dolphins added linebacker Bradley Chubb at the trade deadline and the pass rusher made his first appearance a week after Ogbah’s injury.

Come Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Miami will look to improve on its two quarterback sacks from the last time these two teams played.

“I think it’s being coordinated,” Clark said of stopping quarterback Josh Allen. “How many guys are we bringing, your rush lanes, your eyes, gap integrity, level rush, middle push. All those things kind of factor into it depending on how many guys we’re bringing and what we’re doing.”