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Mike McDaniel confirms that Skylar Thompson will start against Buffalo

There is a chance that Teddy Bridgewater will be available.


Coach Mike McDaniel began his press conference on Friday by announcing that Skylar Thompson will be starting at quarterback against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Thompson is starting his second-straight game after completing 19 of 33 pass attempts for 166 yards and an interception against the New York Jets in Week 18.

“Skylar (Thompson) is going to start,” McDaniel said. “Teddy [Bridgewater]’s done a great job really just being a part of the team, getting himself closer and closer to being able to play the way that he knows he needs to play. Really doing whatever it takes so that we can have him available on Sunday. But yeah, Skylar will get the start.”

Bridgewater was limited in Friday’s practice and is listed as questionable with knee and right finger injuries.

“It’s a different conversation what he’s able to do today with an injury like that on a metacarpal,” McDaniel said. “That’s something that really time, he’s been doing extensive rehab. Just yesterday I thought he was casting himself for Zoolander movie because he had his hand in wax with like a bubble around it, so he looked like he was the hand model. But he’s been working relentlessly and what he’ll be able to do with extra time, even more rehab and then game day adrenaline, we’re hoping it’s good enough for him to be able to fully execute everything in the offense.

“If there’s certain things that he is unable to do, we’ll just adjust. But his objective is No. 1, to be ready to play if needed, and No. 2, he’s been doing a fantastic job. You really rely on your veterans in playoff game preparation just to kind of ease minds and direct energy in the appropriate way, so he’s been kicking ‘A’ all week with that with Skylar specifically, but on top of that the other skill position players and offensive players as well.”

Sunday’s Super Wild Card Weekend bout between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins is slated for 1 p.m. in Orchard Park.