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2nd annual AFC East roundtable discussion hosted by JSpence, Buffalo Rumblings

The second annual edition of the “Divisional Code” is now available. This is a roundtable discussion, hosted by JSpence from Buffalo Rumblings as part of his “Code of Conduct” show. The roundtable includes a representative from each of the SB Nation team sites. With JSpence providing the Buffalo Bills point of view, Kevin Nogle covered the Miami Dolphins from here on The Phinsider, Pat Lane covered the New England Patriots for Pats Pulpit, and Thomas Christopher handled the New York Jets from Gang Green Nation.

All four of us got together for the first edition of the Divisional Code a year ago and we all were available again this year. We had a great time hanging out for a little over an hour, talking football, reviewing each of our favorite teams, and how we see our favorite team matching up against the other three teams in the division. Check out the show below.