Tua; you won me over with your toughness. The heart of a LION. There is nothing left for you to prove to me or anyone in my camp who has questioned your toughness; mentally or physically

Along with others I've been a strong critic since day one of your injury history. You're a professional athlete and I know you have a competitive spirit. A part of your drive and what makes you special is your will to prove doubters wrong, while challenging yourself to the highest heights.

Fight no longer kid. You have proved yourself to us. I hope you can accept this fact yourself and walk away.

I always felt your GOD ordained assignment would be most impactful off the grid iron...I hope you find acceptance in what I'm saying...Spending your life in a Muhammed Ali state is no way to live. I'm sure there are plenty of former NFL players who would make a different choice today if they could when it comes to their mental and physical health and chasing the glory of the NFL. Junior Seau comes to mind....Go enjoy your life.

As far as this organization is begin the season I already had 1 foot out of the door due to the circumstances behind the Brian Flores handling...Now the handling of Tua.

This is sad...Like a trainer in boxing you must know your fighter's capabilities and be willing to throw in the towel for the safety of your fighter. This organization reminds me of Rocky Balboa failing to throw in the towel for Creed and he was killed by the hands of that Russian.

And if any reader on this site beleive 99% of billionaires care about anything other then their bottom line...well you are kidding yourself. They will throw a young man who the entire country can see is not well and injured to fight against the wolves. And for what? Revenue and a win.

This is a Big Deal and the powers that be knows it. The coaches...the organization should know their players particularly the QB better than the medical professionals...Throw in the damn towel.

You're going to be responsible for this kids quality of life... or lack of one. Tua fingers went spastic..I saw that very thing with Pittsburghs linebacker a few years back. He's fortunate to be alright.

Tuas in year three. Are these hits going to get any easier? What is the next hit going to bring. Will this franchise take responsibility for it if the worst happen?

Throw in the damn TOWEL!!!

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