Elements Surrounding QB1 That SHOULD Lead to Team Success

Tua Tagovailoa, for better or worse, is a household name throughout all league circles.

Quarterbacks have been painted as the position that will solve all issues and elevate every aspect of the dynamics of a team.

My fellow Phins Fans, we know all too well that Propaganda is a very powerful tool of persuasion and influence that if/when you allow others to think for you your God-given ability to think critically for yourself has a way of escaping you.

I mention propaganda, because through this function we have convinced ourselves that this team will go as far as our QB (Tua) will take us.. and there are truths to this... However, I'm one of those who believe in the power of climate and and a supporting environment.

Elements that are currently activated around Tua, will be the active forces that SHOULD lead to team success.

Element 1 - HEALTH: Tua, finally, looks healthy (strong). As a former QB in my own time, I have a full comprehension of what it means and how it feels to play the position with health on your side. Tua has overcome overwhelming odds pertaining to his final snap for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Miami Dolphins taking a chance on him, regardless of meaningful caution, is no fault of Tua; but he was still prepared to go to gridiron war when his number was called upon. 2020 was clearly supposed to be a redshirt year for Tua to nurse himself back to full health. And 2021 was his first real NFL off season to gain a proper understanding of his new body. 2022 is the cleanest slate of health Tua has been granted in a very long time. I believe this element will serve as a key factor.

Element 2 - COACHING: the National Football League is comprised of hand picked/selected high-scale high-level amateur athletes. Every player who has ever stepped foot in an NFL locker room is uniquely gifted at their position, hence the reality that everyone is good. But the gap begins to grow between NFL teams when the right order of coaching is introduced. Brian Flores was a good coach for the Miami Dolphins, but he was not, and I repeat, was not the right coach for Tua Tagovailoa. No need to sulk over the previous conditions of coach Flores tenure. The hiring of Mike McDaniel has almost immediately altered the conditions that our QB1 has been yearning for from the moment he was drafted. The positive reinforcement of Mike McDaniel will be an interesting element to keep a close eye on!

Element 3 - SUPPORT: these last few seasons have been a struggle to watch our young Quarterback. Not necessarily because of his off-and-on play, but more specifically because of the responsibility the Dolphins placed on him when he CLEARLY was not ready for such. The offensive line played poorly, our running backs were ineffective, and our best wide receivers were a rookie and special teamer. There has been a lethal injection (the good kind) of top tier offensive talent. The offensive line has been amplified with the additions of Armstead and Conner, the running back room has been amplified with Speed and Versatility (Mostert and Edmonds), and need I mention The Cheetah... This year's supporting cast will undoubtedly serve as a key element to believe in.

Element 4 - SCHEME: I have never been a fan of ushering in college concepts to aid, by nature, Pocket Quarterbacks. The nature of any NFL offenses, by osmosis, aids the Pocket Quarterback.The Miami Dolphins RPO offense for Tua served more as a restriction than a benefit. The offensive scheme coach McD is ushering into this Miami Dolphins offense is already paying tangible dividends. The blocking assignments/arrangements that have been implemented are the Next Level of professional offensive line play that has its way of automatically opening lanes in the run game, and a fluid wall of protection in the play action pass game. All to serve the purpose of truly aiding Tua in his growth and development long-term. Conceptually this scheme may be the most crucial element for this teams success.

I'm greatly encouraged from what I've seen, and am equally excited for what's to come.

This team's success does not solely hinge on our 3rd year QB.

I believe it will hinge on elements surrounding him.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.