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Dolphins vs. Bengals Week 4 final score and instant reactions

Miami win streak comes to an end

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

My track record is not great when Nogle needs me to cover for him with this post. Unfortunately, that bad luck continues as the Dolphins are no longer perfect and suffer their first loss of the season.

Final Score: Dolphins 15 - Bengals 27

First Half Reactions

The Dolphins won the coin toss and deferred to the second half, meaning a very tired defense would be out on the field first. The Bengals moved the ball with ease and thanks to two penalties on the Dolphins defense, the Bengals scored on their opening drive with a short Joe Mixon touchdown run. Dolphins 0 - Bengals 7.

The Dolphins offense took the field with a Tua Tagovailoa playing with a bad back. Raheem Mostert got the start at running back and took the first handoff for 8 yards. Tua then hit Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle for some big chunks of yardage to help get the offense down into the redzone. However, on third and goal, Tua threw a perfect ball to Chase Edmonds in the endzone which he dropped. Dolphins had to settle for a Jason Sanders field goal. Dolphins 3 - Bengals 7.

The Bengals got the ball back but did not get near midfield and we have our first punt of the night. Great stop by the Dolphins defense.

Mostert takes the handoff on the ensuing drive, but a holding call on Hill brings the ball back to the 7 yard line. The Dolphins have some confusion on offense and have to waste two timeouts as the play clock almost runs out. Tua makes up for and converts for a big pass to Mike Gesicki down to the Miami 31 yard line. After that great throw though, Tua makes a terrible deep throw into double coverage and it’s intercepted by Von Bell.

The Bengals really want to get Mixon involved as he takes the opening handoff for seven yards. A short run sets up 3rd and 1 at the Bengals 38 yard line, which brings the first quarter to a close. The Bengals convert on a short throw to Mitchell Wilcox, who gets plenty of YAC to get to the MIA 44 yard line. Thankfully the Dolphins defense remains stout and stops the Bengals as they try to go for it on fourth down at the MIA 24 yard line on a short Mixon run.

The Dolphins start off the drive with a miscommunication between Tua and Waddle, followed by a penalty on Rob Hunt for ineligible receiver downfield setting up a 1st and 15. A short run by Edmonds sets up Tua for a first down throw to Hill to keep the drive going. Another short run by Edmonds and a screen to Hill sets up a 3rd and 4 at the MIA 46. The Dolphins go empty set and can’t connect on Hill, but there is a pass interference on Chidobe Awuzie keeps the Dolphins drive going as it sets them up on the CIN 30. Waddle drops a ball on first down, then drops another on 2nd down, then Tua throws it away on third down. Sanders makes the 48 yard field goal. Dolphins 6 - Bengals 7.

The Bengals takeover after the touchback and the Dolphins defense forces them into a 3 and out. After the punt, the Dolphins will take over on their own 42.

Tua cannot connect with Hill on the first throw of the drive, then gets roughed up by Joseph Ossai for a low hit and thankfully Tua is alright. Also results in a penalty setting the Dolphins up on the CIN 40. Tua gets sacked an is down on the ground reminding of the injury from this past Sunday. He’s been down for awhile and the stretcher has to come out for him. Teddy Bridgewater takes over almost converts the 3rd and 17 with a 16 yard pass to Trent Sherfield. Sanders field goal attempt gets blocked on the following play.

After two plays, Joe Burrow hits Tee Higgins in stride as Xavien Howard cannot make the pass breakup. A 59 yard touchdown for the Bengals. Dolphins 6 - Bengals 14.

Two straight runs by Mostert and an unnecessary roughness penalty helps keep the Dolphins drive alive as we head to the two minute warning. Bridgewater hits Waddle for 19 yards to get into Bengal territory at the 35 yard line. After an incompletion, Bridgewater throws short to Hill to setup another Dolphins first down at the 24. After two plays, Bridgewater hits Sherfield to keep the drive alive near the Bengals 7. The Dolphins score on the very next play as Bridgewater shovel passes to Edmonds for a touchdown but Sanders misses the extra point. Dolphins 12 - Bengals 14.


Second Half Reactions

The Dolphins get the ball back to start the second half with Bridgewater leading the way. The offense unfortunately cannot move the ball and goes 3 and out.

The Dolphins defense doesn’t let the Bengals do too much and Jaelan Phillips gets his first sack of the season as the Bengals have to punt.

Another 3 and out for the Dolphins offense. Punt.

The Bengals get past midfield, but again, the Dolphins defense holds giving the offense another opportunity after the punt setting them up at their own 10 yard line.

The Dolphins drive begins with a 5 yard run by Mostert, followed by a 16 yard pass to Sherfield. Bridgewater throws one deep to Hill and the receiver catches it in the redzone after that 64 yard gain. The offense cannot punch the ball in and have to settle for a Sanders field goal and are somehow winning this game at the moment. Dolphins 15 - Bengals 14.

The Bengals start out with a holding call setting up a 1st and 20 at their own 15. A trick play gets them down to the own 47 yard line and that is the end of the third quarter. After the end of the quarter, we learned Howard is questionable to return with a groin injury which he was dealing with this week. Burrow hits Boyd deep to set the Bengals up for a 1st and goal. The Dolphins defense successfully keeps them out of the endzone and the Bengals settle for a field goal. Credit to Elandon Roberts for blowing up two run plays. Dolphins 15 - Bengals 17.

And that’s another Miami Dolphins three and out! Punt.

Burrow hits Higgins for 22 yards over the middle, setting the Bengals up at midfield. Then connects with Ja’Marr Chase for 14 yards. The Dolphins defense holds them and Evan McPherson drills a 57 yard field goal. Dolphins 15 - Bengals 20.

It’s do or die time for the Dolphins offense with six minutes left in the game. A toss to Mostert for 25 yards is a great way to start this drive. After two short plays, Bridgewater runs it himself to convert the third down followed by a Bengals penalty gets them to the Cincy 42. Two runs by Mostert setup the offense with another first down at the 26. Bridgewater gets picked off by Von Bell on a miscommunication with Mike Gesicki.

Burrow hits Chase for a big gain to set them up in the redzone and that should be the dagger as the two minute warning comes up. Burrow hits a wide open Hayden Hurst a few plays later. Dolphins 15 - Bengals 27.

Dolphins get the ball back and Bridgewater and the offense gets to pad their stats a bit.

Final scored Dolphins 15 - Bengals 27.