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Tua was almost perfect against the Bills | Week 3 Film Analysis

Tua was lighting it up against the Bills in the pass game. We jump into the all-22 film to break it down!

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins are 3-0 and Tua Tuesday is back to break it all down.

This offense is really coming alive and it is exciting to watch. As I evaluated the tape my biggest takeaway is that Mike McDaniel may be the best NFL play designer in the NFL. The amount of shifts, motions, and run/play action they use to dress up concepts truly is first class. The second takeaway was that Tua Tagovailoa played almost flawlessly against the Buffalo Bills. The game flow didn’t allow the Dolphins to run a lot of plays but the plays they did run Tua executed at a high level!

In today’s video, I break down 9 total clips, 8 good, and 1 bad. I hope y’all enjoy it!

Editor’s Note: I (KN) was unable to get this post scheduled on Tuesday, so our normal Tua Tuesday post from Tim Jenkins got pushed to Wednesday morning.