Was I impressed by the DOLPHINS win on Sunday?

HEll NO!!!

Will I take the win?


Let's not allow ourselves to be the same suckers that we have been over the last 20 years of being a fan....I'll take the win, but go out there and beat the Bengals.

This was not an impressive win statistically...Trust me I'm not a stat guy...but statistically we were dominated this game. Bills ran 90 plays to our 39....Had 497 yards of offense to our 212.

Who are we kidding. If we had lost this game the BUTT PUNT would FOREVER BE INFAMOUS....RIGHT UP THERE WITH MARC SANCHEZ BUTT FUMBLE...A laughing stock throughout the league.

Hell Yeah I'm taking the win. But don't say I'm crazy for not remaining to be a sucker for this organization. Beginning with my childhood it was easy to win me over...You remember the 7-0 starts only to miss the playoffs. I'm very much willing to be won over...Not much more I want in life then for this team to return to its glory days.

More willing than a .50 cent hooker with a bald head and one tooth.

I want to Win....We haven't won a playoff game since 2000...Come on man!!! And I'm the one being told to practice

Is demanding a 4-0 start asking too much? Go beat the Bengals. I posted months before the Tua/Burrow draft on this very site that I would have given up every single pick that year to go after Burrow... Every single pick...Dika-esqe. Yes I still stand by that post as I saw Burrow in a Super Bowl...

I watched the dolphins dominate the Bengals with Fitz the previous season before the Burrow/Tua draft....It was clear that Miami was more ready to take the next step...The Bengals weren't even close. So go out and show me that I was wrong and how I would have drafted was as crazy as it sounds...

Demanding a win against the Bengals is not that big of an ask...This organization forced me to stomach a 1-15 season and I was the sucker to stick with this team and have been ever since displaying the patience of CHRIST.

Well I'm not CHRIST...My patience is tapped out.

Just win baby!!!

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