Confessions of a repented pessimist

As the title says, I wasn't sharing the optmism that was going around before the season.

I wasn't down on Tua, no, I did believe in our QB actually, but maybe it was the rookie head coach, maybe the megatrades that usually do not favor the team acquiring the star player, maybe the utter incompetence of our ownership, or injuries on already thin positions (OL, CB). Like many others perhaps, I wouldn't have been unhappy to come out of the first 4 games at 1-3.

Now we cannot be any worse than 3-1, with a couple of impressive wins in the process, I ought to admit my wrong predictions. I mean, how could one do differently when the team is sitting alone on top of the AFC, with two games on Buffalo and three (3!) on New England?

I was wrong and I am here to publicly admit it. Of course, a lot can still happen, heck even Joe Philbin was once able to start 3-0, but I've got the impression that something has shifted. I see a confident team that simply does not lay it down and keeps on fighting until the clock strikes zero. I see a team showing the skills that win games. I see a team that comes across in the clutch.

As the things stand, I wouldn't even be concerned with a loss at Cincy. Peaking too soon can be misleading, just ask the BIlls for evidence. Even if we lose on Thursday, and that's far from a given, it would be more important to come out of the dreaded away Thursday game at 3-1, with players coming back from injury and less intimidating opponents on schedule.

Let's start believing: Phins Up!

PS: who is in favor of a online petition to ban Stephen Ross from the stadium even when his suspension expires?

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