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Bills lose Micah Hyde for season

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Injuries are a part of the NFL, but you never want to see a major injury. While the Buffalo Bills are division rivals of the Miami Dolphins, the current Super Bowl favorite, and the Dolphins’ opponent in tomorrow’s Week 3 game, the injury update for safety Micah Hyde is disappointing. Hyde had already been ruled out for Sunday’s game, but now it appears he is done for the season.

According to his agent Jack Bechta, Hyde is headed to injured reserve due to his neck injury and will be out for the remainder of the 2022 season. Bechta added they “expect a healthy return” in 2023 for Hyde. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport adds that it is a herniated disc has ended Hyde's season.

Hyde missing the Dolphins game this weekend due to an injury is a normal part of the NFL, where a player may have to miss a game as he deals with something. The Dolphins have to take advantage of the situation. You never celebrate a player being injured, but you exploit their absence when they have to miss a game. A player missing a game and a player being out for the year are two different things.

Hyde is such a big part of the Bills’ defense, both on the field and as the soul of their team. Hopefully he will be able to recover from what is likely a major surgery and rehabilitation. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has talked about wanting to face the best to be able to get a measure of yourself. Hyde is among the best and his being on the field for the Bills only makes an excellent team that much better. Getting him back healthy for 2023 will be a great thing both for the Bills and for a re-emerging Dolphins-Bills rivalry.

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