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Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner breaks down Tua Tagovailoa film in win over Ravens

A must watch for all Dolphins Fans, IMHO!

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

All week long, the national media has been looking for ways to discredit Tua Tagovailoa’s career day vs. the Baltimore Ravens. A career day where he threw for 469 yards and six touchdowns.

“iT WaS bUstED COveRAGe”

“ThEiR SEcoNdaRy iS BaNgEd Up”

“ThEy WeRe PlaYiNg RoOkIeS”

“UrAnUs AliGnEd WiTH mArS CaUsInG THe EaRtH tO sHifT ofF iT’S aXiS”

But worst of all are all the people crying because he “unDer ThReW” a 60-yard bomb to Tyreek Hill — who had 3 or 4 steps on checks notes: MARCUS PETERS. But the real ones get it, and they realize that greatness awaits. (Don’t sue me, PlayStation!)

Former Super Bowl MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner is one of those believers. And on this week’s episode of QB Confidential, he does a fantastic job of breaking down Tua Tagovailoa’s six touchdowns. Please check it out!

ICYMI, I broke down Tua’s six touchdowns earlier in the week. And after further review, the busted coverage that everyone continues to harp on was going to happen one way or another.

Mike McDaniel spoke about how important it was to use pre-snap motion to confuse a defense and force them to communicate.

We also need to give Mike McDaniel credit for the way he drew up some of these plays. On the first touchdown, the safety gets caught looking at Waddle, who would’ve been open for a big play had the safety ran with Hill. Instead, his slight hesitation and a beautiful ball from Tua ;) was the difference. (Let’s also give Tua credit for reading where the pressure was coming from.)

On the second touchdown to Hill, I really think the defensive back was expecting the safety to help but never gets it. He also appears to see Edmonds leaking out of the backfield, which allows for Hill to burn right past him.

However, this is still the best throw of Tagovailoa’s career, IMO.

NOW, week 2 is officially in the rearview mirror, and the focus is on tomorrow’s critical matchup vs. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Kickoff is at 1 PM eastern, LIVE from Hard Rock Stadium. #FinsUp