In the three games that Tua has started against Josh Allen and the Bills...the margin of victory by the Bills is 90 points...

90 points!!! Nine and a zero combined together...The difference between two professional NFL teams. This Stat is insane. And what make matters worst...this team is in our division.

I'm sorry to be a realist to all you fanatics of the Miami Dolphins, but I'm not sold on one quarter of football play last week. Go out there and beat the bills. Prove to me the last game wasn't a fluke. Prove to me that Baltimore didn't take their foot off the gas as they dominated us for 3 quarters.

Tua is 0-3 against this once division rival. Was knocked out the game against this team. 59.8% passer rating...4 interceptions...1 touchdown sacked 5 times and avg throwing under 200 yards a game.....Tua...Coaches...Front Office all have to be better.

The bills started their rebuild the same time we did. Now they look primed and ready for a legit Super bowl run. They are proven themselves to be a competent organization...NO TANK Necessary.

Coach and GM and Owner are on the same page. Not this mess that's known as the DOLPHINS franchise...They are proven that they don't have the slightest clue. And it is showing on the field of play. Did I mention that the margin of victory between these two starting QBs head to head is 90 points?

But you Dolphin fanatics on this site are offended by my use of grammar...Ha!.I'm offended by the play on the field over the last 25years...Yes I was once a fanatic for the team. I fell in love with the DOLPHINS as a child in 85


The glory days are long gone and no longer am I a fanatic...This organization has turned me into a realist and I hate it. Its sucks watching the same mediocre or sometimes just outright awful movie....25 years and counting. I'm still not over the 1-15 campaign.

And this site gives me warnings of my grammar I haven't said anything....Yet!!!

This organization...This team...This site...You fanatics of this team


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