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Tuesday Evening Random Live Thread

Our nightly random live thread allows you to hang out with some Dolphins fans and talk about whatever you want.

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Phinsider Evening Random Live Thread is one of our almost nightly posts (when there is not a live game thread or another event post). Please feel to join us for friendly banter among your fellow Miami Dolphins fans (and occasional visitors from other team sites). If you are new to the site or perhaps just a long-time lurker (there is no shame in this as this is how nearly every single one of us started on this site) please join in on the discussions as this is one of the best ways to get involved in the everyday discussions and debates of site. The long-time site members here, unlike what you may have experienced on other sites, are very welcoming to new commenters. Feel free to not only discuss our favorite team, the Miami Dolphins but really anything else that may come to mind.

Speaking of the Dolphins, it’s hard to think of the last time the team had so much on the line in Week 3. Of course, a loss to Buffalo doesn’t end the season or derail Miami’s hopes in the playoff race. In terms of a loss, I am not sure it changes much to how we feel about this team.

A win, however, takes the team’s potential to an entirely new level, one we didn’t think was possible (like Tua throwing six touchdowns in a 21-point comeback). The Dolphins are already fifth in ESPN’s Power Rankings — imagine what a win on Sunday would do to the hype surrounding the team.

In the live threads, the rules are pretty much wide open to almost any topic of discussion. You can literally discuss nearly anything but we ask that you please continue to follow all of the Phinsiders’ site rules. Additionally, for the sake of civility, we request that you avoid any discussions of politics or religion. As stated above we do have the occasional visitor from another team’s site. Please be polite and welcoming as you would for any Phins fan as personal attacks are never allowed on the site. If, in the rare case someone shows up in this post or any other post with the clear intent to only troll our site please just flag the comment and allow the site’s moderators to do their job. No sense in earning yourself a warning for someone else’s rude behavior.