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An inside look at Tua & the Dolphins' comeback | Film Analysis

The offense came alive for Miami as they scored 28 in the 4th quarter to beat the Ravens. We jump into the all-22 film to see how they did it!

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

WOW! I honestly think I could stop there and I would have properly summarized everyone’s feelings after Sunday’s Miami Dolphins game against the Ravens. However, Tua Tuesday is back and I can’t just stop there because that was some of the best Quarterback play we have seen thus far in the NFL season.

As I evaluated the tape what I seemed to have missed while watching the game live was the amount of tight-window throws Tua made. We address these early on in the video breakdown below, but he hit a stick nod and a spear concept that both were flat-out special throws. We all remember the deep bombs to Tyreek but as I dug deeper into the film I was pleasantly surprised at how dialed in and crisp this Miami offense felt compared to even Week 1, which was a quality game on tape.

In today’s video, I break down 15 total clips, 12 good, and 3 bad. I hope y’all enjoy it!