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Who are the 2022 Miami Dolphins? Despite their win Sunday there is much more to learn.

Miami’s Defense is the only unit that stood out as an elite strength. Many questions still need to be answered this weekend in Baltimore.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami fan base seems torn on who or what the 2022 Miami Dolphins are and can be. But they all agree that there are too many things left to learn about the players, scheme, and coaching to form an opinion based on more than just how they feel.

Miami’s defense seemed to pick up right where they left off in 2021, minus the growth made by both starting safeties Brandon Jones and Jevon Holland. On their current trajectory, a Probowl appearance may be on the horizon. But with so much football left to play, that is far from certain.

With one of the three phases seeming to be a top-5 unit, why is there so much uncertainty and debate about how the season could unfold? Because it is the year 2022, and if your team doesn’t average 24 points per game on offense, good luck winning. Tua and his receivers looked solid to above average, the tight ends seemed to do well with their primary job being blocking and chipping, and the offensive line was not a bottom 3 unit.

Here is the but. Head coach Mike McDaniel brought his system from San Francisco under the tutelage of Kyle Shanahan. Famous for setting up the pass with the run and vice versa. Running a balanced and spread-out attack keeps the defense on its toes. But, without the ability of the players to execute his system in all aspects, this offense may get into familiar territory, nowhere.

The running game was far from something a top 5 offense performs come game day. Chase Edmonds hit a few nice holes on the right side, but take those plays away, and the running game was invisible. So what would make the Miami Dolphins fan base ease their anxious state?

A solid offensive performance against a good defense this Sunday at Baltimore.

If Miami can score enough points on offense to increase their average points per game, this fan base can sigh collectively. Suppose Miami can put up 28 or more points come Sunday, with a balanced attack of Tua with 300-400 yards and around two scores, with Miami producing their first 100-yard runner for 2022 with a couple more scores on the ground. In that case, That may be enough for the fan base to start strutting their stuff around the office come Monday!