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Waddle Watch: Miami Dolphins head coach, Mike McDaniel, gives an update on Jaylen Waddle’s injury status

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver, Jaylen Waddle, has raised some eyebrows recently regarding how much practice time the young player has missed while nursing a lower body injury. That injury doesn’t seem too concerning for new head coach, Mike McDaniel, however.

How confident is Mike McDaniel that Jaylen Waddle will play on September 11th when Miami hosts the New England Patriots for the first regular season game of the 2022 NFL season?

“Very, very, very confident,” said McDaniel. He went on to express how if the Dolphins had played a regular season game this past Sunday, Waddle would have been a full-go. He even went as far as saying Waddle “probably would’ve played” if the Dolphins had played a week before that.

McDaniel also intimated that Jaylen Waddle would get more reps in practice today for Miami.

All along, it has been said by those in the know that the Waddle injury isn’t too serious and that the staff is just being very cautious with their star second-year player - an approach that can be appreciated given how dangerous Waddle’s pairing with newly acquired track-star masked as NFL wide-receiver, Tyreek Hill, threatens to be.

As long as there are no setbacks - and all of you reading this right now better cross your fingers with me - the Dolphins should get Waddle back at full-speed with plenty of time to prepare for the hated Patriots.


What are your predictions for Jaylen Waddle’s statline this year? Do you think he will be as productive as he was during his rookie season even though Tyreek Hill will demand a large share of Tua Tagovailoa’s targets? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @MBrave13. Fins up!