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Dolphins practice squad 2022: Tracking the rumors and signings

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins did not receive any players off waiver claims on Wednesday, the day after the 2022 NFL calendar reached its final cut down day. Now with 53 players on the regular season roster and waiver claims completed, teams around the league can start signing players to their practice squad.

Teams are allowed up to 16 players on the practice squad this year, with as many as six of them veterans with no restriction on maximum time in the league. The players will practice with the team and can be elevated up to three times to the game day roster before they have to be promoted to the 53-man roster.

Throughout Wednesday, there will be rumors and signings of players to the practice squad. We will keep up with the latest here in our practice squad tracker.

As we do every year, we would like to remind you that practice squad signings are not finalized until the player signs the contract and the team announces it. There have been times in the past where a player has gotten on a plane to head to one team’s practice squad, but by the time the plane landed, he had received a better offer and changed to another team. In other words, understand things can and do change.

Miami Dolphins practice squad tracker (updated 3:11 p.m. ET, 8/31):

Braylon Sanders, wide receiver

Larnel Coleman, offensive tackle

Kallon Barnes, cornerback

Cameron Goode, linebacker

Verone McKinley, Safety

Porter Gustin, EDGE

ZaQuandre White, running back