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NFL Preseason Week 3 2022 Winners Picks: Straight up, against the spread, total

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The NFL’s third preseason week is underway, with teams using the week as their final tuneup for the regular season. Here on The Phinsider, I wanted to do the same thing. Every year, we run a season-long picks pool on the site among the contributors. We compete just with straight-up winners picks, looking to see who can correctly select the most correct results from Week 1 through the Super Bowl.

And, since he pointed out that I never announced him as the season-long winner from last year:

Congratulations to Marek Brave for winning the 2021 Picks Pool

The final standings from last year were:

Marek Brave 182-102-1 (64.0%)
James McKinney 180-103-1 (63.6%)
Justin Hier 174-105-1 (62.3%)
CT Smith 149-90-1 (62.3%)
Kevin Nogle 176-108-1 (61.9%)
Josh Houtz 81-51-1 (61.3%)

We do not limit the picks just to straight-up winners, but that is the primary focus of the site. Throughout the season, we will have a widget embedded into our picks posts that will give you the option to tab over to any picks we made against the spread or for the over/under points total. This widget is brought to us by our friends over at Tallysight.

On to the tuneup part of this article. To make sure everything is working ahead of the start to the regular season, I asked all of this year’s group to go ahead and make picks for the final week of the preseason. This does not impact our overall picks pool. This is just a rehearsal so they can get into the system to input their picks, and we can make sure everything updates and we can publish our picks. With that said, here are our Preseason Week 3 picks: