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OPINION: 6 games is a joke and I’m glad the Miami Dolphins never traded for Deshaun Watson

It needed to be said

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jake Furr/News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

For most of the 2021 NFL season, head coach Brian Flores and Miami’s decision makers flirted with the idea of trading for disgruntled Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson was — and is — one of the league’s top quarterbacks. However, shortly after Watson requested a trade, his dark past became more evident.

In total, more than 25 women came forward, accusing Watson of sexual misconduct. But that didn’t stop the Dolphins from almost making a blockbuster trade before the trade deadline last year.

Watson would be in Miami right now if Brian Flores had his way. However, at the time, Watson didn’t want to settle, claiming he had nothing to hide. He would eventually try to settle before the deadline, but without each case resolved, Stephen Ross wouldn’t sign off on the trade. And for that, we should all be saying thank you.

Thankfully, the Dolphins didn’t make the trade; the Cleveland Browns did.

Instead, Miami used their cap space and a war chest of draft capital to acquire free agent left tackle Terron Armstead and to complete a blockbuster trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for star wide receiver Tyreek Hill. They even had cap leftover to lock up Emmanuel Ogbah, one of the league’s top pass-rushers. There’s still a decent amount of money left if Miami wanted to make another signing or two, as well.

Most importantly, if the Dolphins completed a trade for Watson, there would be no Mike McDaniel in Miami. And while I was a big advocate of Brian Flores, I could not be happier with the direction this team is headed.

Without Tyreek Hill and Mike McDaniel in Miami, the team wouldn’t be selling out of their season tickets — or creating a waitlist for the first time in team history. They probably would’ve lost a ton of fans if we’re being honest.

There would be no buzz surrounding what third-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is doing this offseason because he would’ve been traded to another franchise (for peanuts), bringing hope to another fanbase.

Instead, there would be a dark cloud looming over this franchise. A dark cloud that only received a six-game suspension today. Sure, Roger Goodell could appeal, but six games is an absolute joke. That’s 11 games fewer than Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley got for placing a few bets. Ricky Williams got far more for failing drug tests back in the day. It’s inexcusable given the circumstances.

As many beat writers have said, Watson should be Cleveland’s starter by Week 10 when the Browns travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins. Of course, this game will have extra meaning for Tua and some of the other players on Miami’s roster. But I, for one, hope we see something similar to what we saw unfold on a cold day in December.

In conclusion, six games is a joke, and I’m glad the Dolphins never traded for Deshaun Watson.

What are your thoughts on the league only suspending Deshaun Watson for six games? Are you glad he’s not a Dolphin? Would you be more or less optimistic with Watson on Miami? Let us know in the comments section below.