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Dolphins fans see Chase Edmonds leading Miami running backs; Tyreek Hill over receiving yards

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins’ offense will be headlined by newcomers, according to recent polling of the team’s fans. In the latest round of SB Nation Reacts polls from DraftKing Sportsbook, Dolphins fans were asked three questions, two focused on the team’s offense. Both results show Dolphins fans are expecting big things from players acquired this offseason.

Asked which running back would carry the ball the most this year, Chase Edmonds dominated the poll with 62 percent of the fans seeing him as the team’s number one rusher. Miami signed the former Arizona Cardinals' fourth-round pick in free agency this year, adding him to a running back group full of newcomers. The Dolphins also signed Raheem Mostert in free agency, adding him after he spent six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. Mostert had a previous one-month stint with the Dolphins in 2015, along with brief periods with the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears before settling in with the 49ers. In the poll, 18 percent of Dolphins fans indicated he would have the most carries this year.

Another new addition, former New England Patriots first-round draft pick Sony Michel who spent 2021 with the Los Angeles Rams, came in third in the poll at 16 percent. The lone incumbent on the list, Myles Gaskin, picked up just four percent in the poll.

In the passing game, Tyreek Hill, for whom the Dolphins traded with the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason, has his receiving yards total set at 1,099.5 yards by DraftKings Sportsbook. The six-time Pro Bowl receiver - having made the all-star game every year since being a 2016 fifth-round pick by the Chiefs - has only been under that mark twice in his career, once as a rookie with 593 yards and in 2019 with 860 yards in 12 games played. He has been over 1,200 yards each of the last two seasons, with a career-high of 1,479 yards in 2018. Dolphins fans believe the three-time First-Team All-Pro selection will reach at least 1,100 yards this year, with 70 percent of the fans voting for the over.

As for the overall results on the season, Dolphins fans seem to accept that the Buffalo Bills are likely winning the AFC East. but see Miami finishing better than they did last year in the division. Asked where the Dolphins will finish in the division this year, 70 percent of the fans said second place. First place was second with 27 percent, third place finished third with just two percent, while fourth (listed in the poll as “Jets” because it seemed right) finished fourth with one percent of the vote.

Do you agree with our poll results? Do you think Edmonds is Miami’s top runner this year? Will Hill reach 1,100 yards? 1,200? Surpass his career-high? Can Miami topple the Bills atop the AFC East? Will they find themselves disappointingly low in the AFC East at the end of the year? Let us know in the comments what you think of these results.

Be on the lookout for our next SB Nation Reacts poll for your chance to weigh in with your thoughts on the 2022 Dolphins.

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