Tua sucks ?

I'm afraid all QBs we have, or will have will be judged by a comparison to Danny boy........................... The best to ever play the game? Not really, but definitely one of the best to ever play the game. Did or does Brady have the arm to compare to Marino ? Nope ! Not many did. We have gone thru a long list of QBs to get to the point where we are now. Should they have drafted Herbert or waited till the next year and then drafted a QB? I thought so but i do not work in the NFL. But i look at our situation now and still think Tua is the best QB on this roster since Danny boy. Question : Can he get better ? Well i think he already has. Has he played behind a sub par line with little to no running game so far? You know he has ! All of a sudden you look at this roster and you pretty much have to say wow, how the hell did we get this stacked so quick? Hmm, do you think tanking and starting over had anything to do with it ? Grier had enough of trying to be competitive and threw a whole different plan at the owner , which he went for. Year three of a complete rebuild and on paper we have a scary looking team. New head coach and offensive coordinator. They live by the running game and Tua sure as hell hasn't ever seen one of those. Don't get me wrong, i thought Gaskin did a hell of a job with the O line he had. But he has talent all around him and even a fullback to knock a linebacker around . Our power game may look like this. Ingold and Michel in the backfield , Hunter long and Symthe as a 2 tight end set. And an extra lineman in there for spite! The scary thing is they could still throw the ball out of this ! Folks Tua does not have to be Danny boy. He needs to be an efficient QB with talent all around him as he was in AL. We very well could have a top 5 offense this year and if we do, we may have a top 5 defense! I would bet that even Bridgwater is drooling at this situation and hopes he gets his chance at the helm of this offense. Happy Sunday and 4th all !

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