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Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill continues to hype up Tua Tagovailoa in latest ESPN Interview

Tyreek Hill was on ESPN’s First Take and he didn’t hold back

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Ever since the Miami Dolphins traded a boat load of draft picks for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, the positive vibes regarding QB1 Tua Tagovailoa have been flowing from “The Cheetah’s” mouth, every chance he gets.

Today, during an interview on ESPN’s First Take, Tyreek Hill was asked a number of questions by the hosts Molly Qerim, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and Bart Scott, and the trend of hyping up his quarterback — a trend you love to see — continued.

First, Hill was asked about expectations heading into the 2022 NFL season.

“We plan to win games. Play for one another, play hard, and just follow coach MCDaniel’s lead; him and Tua’s. I feel like the main reason I’m here is for leadership. You know? TO try and help these guys win as many possible big games as they can, and just continue doing what I’ve done my entire career. And that’s just be fast and be me, dog.

Tyreek admitted he tried to stay in Kansas City and didn’t want to break up what they were building — but the two sides were “nowhere close to the Davante Adams’ deal.” This then prompted a question about going from Hall of Fame quarterback Patrick Mahomes to QB1 Tua Tagovailoa. Hill was quick to snapback:

“I just feel like a lot of people haven’t seen young Tua’s full potential. And I have to point out what you just said about playing in big games, this dude came from Alabama. You know Alabama plays in some of the biggest games in college football. I’ve had a chance to play with him in practice and see his confidence. I’ve had a chance to golf with him; good guy obviously. But I see a lot of similarities when I look at him and see Patrick.”

Hill went on to call Tagovailoa the “most accurate quarterback in the NFL” and talked about what Tua has been doing this offseason to improve. He even dropped an F-Bomb to emphasize how hard of a worker his quarterback was.

Sure, Hill went on to say something about ‘if the money was right, he would’ve stayed in Kansas City’, but no one cares about all that. Not anymore. All we care about is what Tua Tagovailoa and The Cheetah can do in 2022 and beyond!

One. More. Day!

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill’s comments about Tua Tagovailoa? How excited are you to watch their chemistry blossom throughout training camp and the preseason? Are you upset that Hill continues to talk glowingly about Tua? Let us know in the comments section below!