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Madden 23 Beta Impressions | The Miami Dolphins are going to be fun to use in Madden 23


If you don’t have any interest in Madden 23, this article probably isn’t for you. But if you’re a fan of Madden, the Miami Dolphins, AND/OR you own one of those shiny NEW video game systems, well, then hear me out:

Madden 2023 is #good this year.

Now, I know I said this before. And it’s true; I get way too excited for this game every year — like a power stronger than Vecna takes over. But this time, it’s me. And this time, I put in the hours and can confirm. It’s good. Like, the Jets went 2-15 and fired Robert Salah in the first franchise I simmed, kinda good.

For my very, very early gameplay impressions, check out my article for Operation Sports.

These impressions, however, will focus primarily on the Miami Dolphins and how they played in this year’s game, how the players looked, and their X-factors — but I WILL NOT post ratings because they were clearly placeholders.

So, without further ado, here are my Miami Dolphins, Madden 23 Beta Impressions.


Player Models, Face-Scans and X-Factors Galore!

First, let me start by saying, the new player models are primarily good. Much better than years past. The shoulder pads, the player’s builds, it’s better. So is the detail of some of the players on Miami’s roster. I did my best to go down the list, and here are all the players who it seemed to me had their player models in the game.

Players who appear to have their faces scanned in Madden 23.

W.R.: Jaylen Waddle

WR: Tyreek Hill

Q.B.: Tua Tagovailoa

DT: Christian Wilkins

LB: Jerome Baker (Not 100% sure on this)

L.B.: Melvin Ingram

RB: Myles Gaskin

QB: Teddy Bridgewater

FB: Alec Ingold

TE: Mike Gesicki

EDGE: Emmanuel Ogbah

FS: Jevon Holland

W.R.: Cedrick Wilson

CB: Xavien Howard

CB: Noah Igninoghene

RT: Robert Hunt

LT: Terron Armstead

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm players like Brandon Jones or Raheem Mostert, and several players looked accurate, but the faces were off because they weren’t scanned into the game. Jaelan Phillips is a player that stands out in that regard. Andrew Van Ginkel is another.

However, I think Jevon Holland looks the most accurate to his real-life counterpart. They have his equipment done right, and he’s a beast in the game. It is also cool to see Tyreek Hill’s signature taunt and touchdown celebration in the game. (Spoiler Alert: He does a backflip.) However, I would have liked to see Jaylen Waddle’s penguin T.D. celebration make the cut. (It still might!) Again, not final, so please don’t be mad

There are three players on the team that have special abilities, with only one — at least in the BETA — having a superstar x-factor.

Miami Dolphins Madden 23 Superstar X-Factors and Abilities

Left Tackle, Terron Armstead

  • Secure Protector / Stronger protection vs. quick block shed moves
  • EDGE Protector / Stronger pass protection vs. elite edge rushers

Cornerback, Xavien Howard

  • Acrobat / Diving Swats & Interceptions of the best wide receivers in the game. He’s a cheat code)
  • Pick Artis / Better catching & improved stamina on interception returns.

Wide Receiver, Tyreek Hill

  • SUPERSTAR X-FACTOR: Rac Em Up/ Wins RAC catches vs. single coverage
  • Juke Box / Grants steerable juke animations
  • Short Out Elite / Improved catching on short passes outside the numbers
  • Grab - N - Go / Quicker turning/change of direction after a RAC Catch

First look at Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel in Madden 23

For most of the beta, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel’s appearance was kept under wraps. He was a #SpikyRainbowMan character. He was different colors and had no face— a placeholder. But then, with a few days left to play, they updated the game with a necessary change. Here’s a leaked picture.

Now, I know what most are thinking, and I saw the replies. But IMHO, the shadows don’t help in the first image, and in the game, McDaniel looked excellent compared to some of the other coaches. TBH, he may just be missing some aviators.

Random Madden 23 Beta Gameplay Thoughts

  • On All-Madden, Xavien Howard was a bad, bad dude. He locked down receivers like Justin Jefferson and Ja’Maar Chase and made play after play. The diving catches were evident and made him almost an impossible player to throw against.

  • Tyreek Hill played similarly because he felt like an unstoppable cheat code. He ate on the quick underneath routes and was a speed demon on the YOLO “Eff it, Tyreek Hill is down there somewhere” throws I tried to make. Overall, this Dolphins team will be cheesy as can be with all the speed. And yes, I think I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the most dangerous offenses Miami has ever had in Madden.

  • The Dolphins have both their first-round draft picks in franchise mode, and they’re a fun team to play Face of the Franchise with when controlling any of the positions — though my favorite is running back and linebacker.


I enjoyed my time with the Madden 23 Beta. The new FieldSENSE gameplay is game-changing, and Mike McDaniel’s Madden Ultimate team — aka the Miami Dolphins — is as fun as ever to use in Madden. Guys like Jevon Holland, Tyreek Hill, and Xavien Howard feel like big-time players. And with that offense and defense, with all of those weapons, a solid offensive line, and a quarterback, Madden 23 on Next-Gen consoles is worth playing.

P.S. If you’re still unsure about Madden23, EA Sports has a 10-hour trial that they give out to those that sign up for E.A. Play. (I believe it even allows you to play 7-days early, which is usually a perk with the game.) You might even get a free trial if you’re a first-time subscriber, or it’s $5 a month —BUT, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL RIGHT AFTER YOU PLAY THE GAME, OR YOU WILL FORGET AND PAY $5 EVERY MONTH UNTIL YOU REMEMBER.