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PHINSIDER RADIO | Can Dolphins OLB Jaelan Phillips take the next step after a record-breaking rookie season?

[Spoiler Alert: Yes, yes he can!]

NFL: Miami Dolphins Minicamp Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

In Chapter 2 of Phinsider Radio’s critically-acclaimed NURSERY book club, Jake and I discuss Miami Dolphins pass-rusher, the lean machine, Jaelan Phillips.

First, Jake and I dive into Jaelan Phillips’ 2021 NFL season and project how some of Miami’s offseason moves will impact the second-year player.

How big of a role will veteran linebacker Melvin Ingram have?

Should Miami use some of the bigger guys up front in early downs?

What must Phillips do to get better in 2022?

Would the Dolphins be better in 2022 with Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris, or did they make the right call with Phillips?

We then discuss what Phillips is doing this offseason to get better and become that three-down player he desires. Lastly, we summarize a few quotes from the coaches and give our final take on Jaelan Phillips on what to expect in 2022 and beyond.

(P.S. He’s basically Jason Taylor re-incarnated.)

If you missed the first chapter of Phinsider Radio: The Jake and Josh Show’s NURSERY book club and want to hear what Jake and I think about Dolphins running back Chase Edmonds, click HERE.