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Brian Urlacher questions why Zach Thomas isn’t in the NFL Hall of Fame

The four-time All-Pro has the same question as most Dolphins fans.

Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins

Time continues to pass and yet we’re stuck asking the same question — how on earth isn’t Zach Thomas a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Thomas, who was inducted into the Dolphin Honor Roll with Jason Taylor in 2012, is a three-time Hall of Fame finalist but hasn’t received the final push towards that gold jacket.

Throughout his 13-year career, Thomas was a five-time All-Pro and finished with less than 128 tackles in just one of his first 11 years in the league (99 tackles in 2000). As one of the best players to suit up in aqua and orange, many fans have wondered how he hasn’t received a Hall of Fame nod.

The same is true for Brian Urlacher, whose stats are often put up against Thomas when discussing the top linebackers over the past few decades. Urlacher joined the Pat McAfee show on Wednesday and shared some thoughts regarding Thomas, and the Hall of Fame voting process.

“Guys who never played the game get to vote,” Urlacher said. “How the **** is Zach Thomas not in the Hall of Fame?

“Put his stats up with mine, Ray [Lewis], any other linebacker who is even close to being in the Hall of Fame, [Zach] is right there with them, if not better. I don’t know, I don’t get it.”

“It was an honor to once again be among the finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I want to congratulate this year’s class,” Thomas wrote in a statement after the 2022 Hall of Fame class was announced. “They were all great players and are each deserving of their gold jacket. I also want to thank the Miami Dolphins fans who continue to be so supportive. You guys are the best!”

As more and more support for Thomas rises to the surface, do you think there is any chance the Pro Football Hall of Fame will right this wrong and give one of the league’s best linebackers the jacket he deserves? Let us know your thoughts below!