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Formula 1’s Miami Grand Prix debuts at Hard Rock Stadium this weekend, but Hill vs. Waddle is the race of the year

D.K Metcalf wants the smoke too per sources.

Formula One: 2022 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Formula 1 racing will debut at Hard Rock Stadium this weekend in the Inaugural Miami Grand Prix, and a lot of hard work has been done to turn Stephen Ross’ Fintopia into a prestigious racetrack.

The same can be said when describing the Miami Dolphins roster —especially on offense—who, after a quick pit stop in January, appears back on track and more explosive than ever before.

Miami already had a speed demon on the roster in 2021 first-round pick Jaylen Waddle. But then, they added speed, unlike anything Dolphins fans have ever witnessed, adding Kansas City Chiefs superstar WR Tyreek Hill this offseason. And unlike players in the past, he was ready to prove that he was the fastest on the team since he arrived.

After the trade, here’s what he said about Jaylen Waddle and their potential race.

“You know what, I actually DMed him last night just for his phone number. I had to get his number. I was supposed to be calling him, but it’s like so much has been going on today, man, and it’s crazy. I’m like trying to take it all in at once, but believe me, once I’m able to sit down, I’m going to talk to him, we’re going to chop it up, we’re even going to get a few workouts in. Maybe even a race, man. (laughter) Because hey, wherever I go, the ‘Cheetah,’ he’s always got to prove he’s the fastest on the team no matter what. I mean that. (laughter)”

This presents an important question. Is this weekend’s Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix just an hors d’oeuvres? If players—and analysts—have their way, Sunday’s race won’t be the only one Hard Rock hosts over the coming weeks.

NFL Network and former Miami Dolphins beat writer Cameron Wolfe had a proposition for his producers and co-hosts in hopes of making the Penguin vs. The Cheetah must-see TV.

But Waddle isn’t the only NFL player on Hill’s list. During an episode of Shannon Sharp’s ‘Club Shay-Shay’(?), D.K Metcalf claimed that he could outrun Tyreek Hill, describing his DK speed.

Sure, we all remember Metcalf chasing a defender down from behind, but COME ON, MAN!

Hill was given 48 hours to respond but didn’t need nearly that much time as he was quick to tell Metcalf —for lack of better words— to put his money where his mouth is.

$50,000 for charity, to be exact.

Unlike Waddle, I don’t know that Metcalf can keep up. On the other hand, though, I do think everyone is sleeping on running back Raheem Mostert. He deserves an opportunity to test his speed against the NFL’s elite, as do several other players on the roster.

In the end, I’d rather not have to sit on pins and needles as Miami’s star wide receivers race, but this seems inevitable. The real question now is who would win. The Penguin or The Cheetah?

Hill probably wins easily, but I’d put my money on the underdog Waddle. As for Metcalf, the race was over before it started.

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill racing Jaylen Waddle, D.K Metcalf, and Raheem Mostert this offseason? Any other players you think could match up well vs. the Cheetah? Would you prefer to see Miami’s star wide receiver in a bubble like Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Bubble Boy?’ Let us know in the comments section below!

(P.S. Film breakdown on each of Miami’s draft picks + a few undrafted acorns early next week. I will be posting the videos on YouTube throughout the weekend. #FinsUp)