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Raheem Mostert hopes to be ready by week one; could he be the fastest player on Miami’s roster?

Mostert hopes to be ready by week one, but whenever he returns, the Dolphins will be getting an explosive running back unlike anything fans have seen in years.

Washington Football Team v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Everyone talks about the inevitable race between Miami Dolphins wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. However, the one name that seems to get left out of the conversation may be Mike McDaniel’s best-kept secret.

First, here’s what Mike McDaniel said at his Tuesday press conference about the potential race and who he would (or wouldn’t) put his money on.

“I would not bet because there are some very, very fast guys on the team. But I enjoy the fact that they are competitive about that and I would never keep them from doing so. I’m more trying to get them to figure out how to run a route, defend a go-ball or run the ball – did I cover all my bases? I did? – than to have them compete in a race. We do track miles per hour on every practice so they don’t necessarily need to race side by side for me to put that in front of them as a motivating factor.”

The beat writers were anxious to know who the fastest player on the team was and pressed Miami’s HC for answers.

“It wouldn’t be fair yet because not all players are able to take part in the race yet”, McDaniel said. “There’s been a good amount of 21 and 22 mile per hour runners out there. I’m not going to be mad if there’s more additionally in the future.”

Oh really?!

Who could Mike McDaniel be referring to? Well, that answer is simple.

When healthy, there are very few players in football as fast as Mostert. The ten-year veteran bounced around from team to team before inevitably landing in San Francisco, where he and new Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel began to work together. During his time with the 49ers, Mostert carried the ball 283 times for 1,604 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also caught 36/48 targets for 361 yards and three touchdowns.

Mostert also had the two fastest times in 2020, clocking in at 23.09 MPH and 22.73 MPH. Raising two critical questions: Is he the fastest player on the Dolphins roster? And if he’s not ready by week one, what type of impact could he bring to Miami’s offense as the team is hoping to make a late-season push for an AFC playoff spot?

Here’s a look at every touchdown from Raheem Mostert’s NFL career.

Unfortunately, the only thing that can stop Mostert is his health.

In a recent episode of Phinsider Radio: The Jake and Josh Show, I mentioned Raheem Mostert’s health as a potential reason why the team may have signed veteran running back Sony Michel. The only fault in that theory is that Mostert said he heals like wolverine. And in a recent press conference, Mike McDaniel sounded like the expectations were for Mostert to be ready come week one of the 2022 NFL season, but as is life, there is never any guarantee.

“I know his expectations are to play Week 1 and we are not going to rush it. He’s come too far to have a setback, so he’s just diligently working day-in and day-out. But when he’s ready, he’ll be on the field for sure.”

Mostert is getting closer to being ready.

And when that day comes, he plans to be the fastest player in all of football.

Maybe he doesn’t return before Miami’s week one matchup vs. the New England Patriots. But whenever he does, Miami’s backfield will be getting an explosive player, unlike anything they’ve seen— since the days when queasy Joe Philbin and Reggie Bush roamed the Dolphins’ sideline.

As for the race between The Cheetah and The Penquin, let’s not forget about The Wildcard, Raheem Mostert.

What are your thoughts on running back Raheem Mostert? Do you think he will be ready by week one? Was Sony Michel signed as insurance? Do you believe Mostert could win in a race vs. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle? How big of an impact will Mostert have when he returns from injury? Let us know in the comments section below!