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Dolphins fans rejoice after Tyreek Hill posts Tua Tagovailoa highlight video

Tyreek Hill is spreading Tua Tagovailoa propaganda on Twitter and I’m 169% here for it!

Miami Dolphins Press Conference Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Less than 48 hours after the entire world weighed in on an underthrown pass in spring practice—by a quarterback wearing a bucket hat and shorts and a t-shirt — Miami’s speedy wide receiver took to social media to back his quarterback and silence the haters.

Newly acquired wide receiver Tyreek Hill aka The Cheetah, aka TyFREAK, did what the Miami Dolphins social media team probably should have done and posted an exquisite video of Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throwing dimes to his receivers at practice.

Spoiler Alert: That throw at the end was *chef kiss*

Much like the underthrow, this doesn’t mean anything. After all, it’s the beginning of camp, players are in shorts, and chemistry is only now starting to take shape. But again, THIS is the content I want to see. Not a video with 6.5 million views of MY QUARTERBACK throwing the ball short of the world’s highest-paid wide receiver.

Tua, The Cheetah, and Miami’s offense are poised to have a big year in 2022 under new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, and I am here for ALL the content — except that video from the other day.

Better yet, just give Tyreek Hill the password to all of Miami’s social media accounts. /s

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill backing his quarterback? Should this have been the video the Dolphins' social media team posted? Do you care about any of this? Let us know in the comments section below!

UPDATE: Jaylen Waddle made sure to chime in as well.