Live on the clock dolphin mock draft

Every year I do an on the clock draft for our beloved Miami dolphins. And again this year I'll be doing it for me I'm also going to include a draft as if we had the pics on the Hill deal. It will be fun to compare the players we would get in comparison to the one that we did get. Anybody that wants to join me the dolphins pick has to be in by the time the dolphins make their selection for that particular round. Please make sure that you start your own comment and then reply to them with each following pic with any description of the player and how he might be used with the team.

Those individuals that will not be participating please until the end of the draft do not make any comments on selections at that point in time feel free to make remarks I just want to keep it neat and organized round by round hey let's have fun we're still going to get a couple players to help and maybe even a trade hint; Gesicki

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