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No, the Dolphins don’t have a first-round draft pick; they have superstar WR TYREEK HILL

Don’t let the media fool you, Tyreek Hill is a gamechanger for Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins’ Offense #FakeNews

Miami Dolphins Press Conference Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, the Miami Dolphins shocked the world when they traded with the Kansas City Chiefs for game-changing wide receiver Tyreek Hill. The trade sent shockwaves through the National Football League and changed the landscape of the AFC East as we know it.

Before the trade, however, the ‘experts and analysts’ praised Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill. Many believed he was a top-3 wide receiver and, without hesitation, the most explosive player in football.

But all of that changed once he was traded to Miami.

The 28-year-old superstar wide receiver quickly went from an #elite player to just another guy. The basis? Nothing more than disdain for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and his inability to hit the deep ball.

Which, after all, is the only thing Hill can do, right?!?!

‘The lie detector has determined that was a lie’ - Maury

Last season, Tyreek Hill only had nine receptions of 20 or more air yards. To go even a bit further, 74 of Hill’s receptions traveled ten yards or less. Yes, this has a lot to do with the way defenses game-planned for Hill. After all, choosing to keep the speedy wide receiver in front of you isn’t necessarily a bad idea. But when he has the speed and ability to create YAC like The Cheetah, it’s only a matter of time before he breaks a big one.

Anyone can look at the numbers and see that Hill’s 2021 season fell short (in some areas) of what he did the year prior. His yards were about the same, but his touchdowns took a hit despite the former Chiefs’ wide receiver catching a career-high 111 receptions. However, all that means to me is that if last season’s film showed us anything, it should be that the national media’s stigma that Hill is only a deep threat is flat out wrong.

If anything, paired alongside a similar speedster in Jaylen Waddle, could open things up for Hill and forge him opportunities he may not have seen in Kansas City. We also can’t overlook Mike McDaniel’s influence.

McDaniel has been referred to as an ‘offensive mastermind all offseason.’ Some even went a step further and called him a mad genius. But, whatever you prefer to call the Miami Dolphins' new head coach, know he has a plan. And although it won’t be a perfect mirror of what McDaniel did with Deebo Samuel in San Francisco, there will be some overlap, according to Miami’s head coach.

“I wouldn’t – from a starting point, both players are exceptional with the ball in their hands. Your starting point in terms of where you’re trying to accentuate people’s skillets, that is a commonality. As far as exact ways that we will use Tyreek Hill relative to the way that Deebo Samuel was used in San Francisco, there’s probably going to be some overlap to some degree. But those are things that Deebo Samuel evolved into that role because of both circumstance and because of skillset while in San Francisco. I expect no difference, really, with Tyreek, where we are going to start with the foundational elements of the receiver position. I promise you we’re not going to limit – or we’re going to continue the process of developing him and the Miami Dolphins football team. For a lot of players, that will look different in Week 4 than on April 4th.”

Hill also seems excited about this opportunity and his role in his new offense.

“I can’t share the secrets, man. But he just said, ‘Look, ‘Reek’ just gear up, it’s going to be fun, alright?’ I’m just going to say this – the way that he utilized Deebo Samuel in that offense was crazy. Deebo Samuel is a freak athlete. I’m just excited. That’s all I’m going to say.”

There is no doubt that Tyreek Hill is going to open things up for the entire offense. It will also force defenses to respect his speed and Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, Lynn Bowden, and Cedrick Wilson — opening things up for the run game to take advantage of the softboxes.

But it’s not Hill that the national media has a problem with.

Most of the ‘disdain’ is with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Who some believe —for one reason or another—can’t possibly throw the ball far enough to take advantage of Hill’s cheetah-like speed the same way that Patrick Mahomes could. “No, chance!” they say.

‘The lie detector has determined that this too, was a lie.’ - Maury

Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend Tagovailoa has a rocket arm and can make all the throws—because he can’t. The part about Tua not being able to throw lasers 75 yards like a missile is true. I can admit that. But he has shown time and time again that he can make 50-60 yard throws. Accurate throws. Right on the money.

In fact, two of Tagovailoa’s longest throws last season led the league in air yards for that week.

The first big completion came against the New York Jets when Tagovailoa connected on a 65-yard touchdown (52.32 air yards) to Mack Hollins. His longest completion since joining the league came in Week 17 vs. the Tennesse Titans when he completed a pass to Waddle that traveled 55.08 yards through the air.

Tua also had a similar aDOT (Average Depth Of Target) as Patrick Mahomes in 2021. Tagovailoa averaged 7.2 yards per target and Mahomes 7.7 per Rotowire.

And look at these final numbers on Tua’s completion percentage on passes over 20+ yards. No, he did not attempt as many throws as New York Jets’ QB Zack Wilson or Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, but his ability to hit on 50% of those passes is impressive.

So again, to pretend that Tyreek Hill is going to Miami to retire into the sunset or insinuate that he doesn’t have a quarterback that can now utilize his skill set is false. Not only because Miami’s newly acquired wide receiver IS SO MUCH MORE than a deep threat, but because Tua Tagovailoa has the accuracy —and quite honestly, the arm strength—to get Hill the ball.

But don’t take my word for it. Just watch and see!

Next-Gen Propaganda & TyFREAK Hill Highlights for the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

These are the highlights Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier will be watching per #sauces.

Tyreek Hill vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Tyreek Hill vs. Cleveland Browns

Tyreek Hill vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Tyreek Hill vs. Buffalo Bills

What will you be doing tonight during the 2022 NFL Draft? Should Chris Grier and the Dolphins trade back into the first round? How many times have you watched Tyreek Hill highlights this offseason, and will you be doing it again tonight? Who should the Dolphins draft with pick 102? Let us know in the comments section below!