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Patrick Mahomes shares initial reaction to Tyreek Hill’s decision to join the Miami Dolphins

March 23 may go down as a big day in team history

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been in a bit of a lull when it comes to news after a wild start to the NFL’s new year made a muck of the league roughly a month ago.

While things will pick up with the NFL Draft starting on Thursday, April 28, we’ve started to see some players share some thoughts with the media during early-year workouts.

The Kansas City Chiefs started the team’s offseason workouts this week and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has spent time working with the team’s receivers in Texas.

Mahomes spoke with NFL Network’s James Palmer on Monday and shared his initial reaction to Tyreek Hill being traded.

“Obviously my initial reaction was a little bit of shock,” Mahomes said. “Even though you knew that this was a possibility, just playing with a guy you’ve played with and built a friendship with over the last six years, it definitely was something that... you didn’t want him to leave more for the... just being able to hang out in the locker room and do that stuff than the actual on the field stuff.

“But you’re happy for him. He got a great contract and obviously, he’s back where he has a house in the offseason and around a lot of his family.”

Mahomes was drafted in 2017 and never knew a professional locker room that didn’t include Tyreek Hill, who was drafted in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft before becoming a six-time Pro Bowler

However, the Chiefs’ QB added that he is working to build relationships with the team’s new group of receivers.

“I’m going to lunch with these guys,” Mahomes said. “I’m working out with these guys as well — not just throwing. So you kind of build those relationships that way. And then, plus, we’re in a little warmer weather than KC is right now, so it was a thing where we were going to have to work, anyway, and get off the field. “

The Dolphins traded five picks, most notably No. 29 and No. 50 in the upcoming draft, before giving Hill a four-year $120 million extension, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“I will say that with players of dynamic skill sets such as Tyreek — which, if there are other players that have his combination of skill, that group is small — there’s no real ceiling in terms of the ways that you can involve him,” Miami coach Mike McDaniel said in late March. “And there’s certain things that I know that myself and the coaching staff haven’t even thought of yet, that will come on our plate.”