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Everything We Learned From Today’s Miami Dolphins Press Conferences | 4/13/22

Today the media had the chance to speak with LB Elandon Roberts, OL Austin Jackson, and TE Mike Gesicki. Here’s what we learned:

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins hosted another media availability earlier today, and I was fortunate enough to be scrolling through Twitter at the perfect time. It also worked out that my two-month-old was sleeping, and her older siblings (2 y/o and 4 y/o) were content playing with their plethora of toys.

So, I did what any father would do if they had a glimmer of time to themself and hopped on Youtube — which anyone could have done — and covered the interviews as any verified journalist would. :)

Here’s everything we learned from today’s Miami Dolphins press conferences. 4/13/22

Linebacker, Elandon Roberts

TLDR: Despite his prior relationship with head coach Brian Flores, Roberts seemed relieved that he was no longer with the team (IMO). Roberts is ready to work hard for Mike McDaniel and feels like he’s a leader on Miami’s defense. HIS DEFENSE. Roberts confirms what others have said about a more ‘fun’ atmosphere. He also mentioned his perseverance to remain on the team despite several obstacles.

I still think Miami needs a middle linebacker and pray every night that Montana State’s Troy Andersen or Channing Tindall falls to pick 102. Or maybe Chris Grier trades up. Nevertheless, until the team signs Reuben Foster — and even probably after — middle linebacker remains a need. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with Roberts’ play over the last few seasons (he tackled a dude into a dude) and believe he can remain that physical presence in the middle of Miami’s defense.

Offensive Lineman, Austin Jackson

TLDR: I’ve done a few of these before, and I don’t know that I felt the same about Austin Jackson after listening to him talk the same way as I did today. Jackson seemed confident in his abilities. He called himself a tackle, though he mentioned he was comfortable at guard. Jackson seemed excited about the zone-blocking scheme, and he made sure to reiterate that he started at right tackle in college. Jackson will continue to work on his techniques and fundamentals.

I’m ready for the training camp battles that are about to erupt on the offensive line (McDaniel says everyone outside of Terron Armstead will be competing for a job), and most importantly, to find out who will be protecting Tagovailoa’s blindside.

Tight End, Mike Gesicki

TLDR: Mike Gesicki is happy to be back with the Dolphins, although he would prefer it be on a long-term deal. He will continue working hard and eventually prove to the Dolphins — or another team — that he’s a cornerstone player and worth every dollar. Gesicki says it will be up to his agent whether or not they try to push for the wide receiver franchise tag — which pays significantly more — but all he cares about is winning games. He’s excited about the addition of Mike McDaniel and Jon Embree. Gesicki had a few funny stories about his wedding and spoke about breaking the Durham Smythe news.

He may have me blocked on Twitter, but I’m a big fan of Mike Gesicki. And I do believe with this coaching staff, he’s going to take his game to a different level. So hopefully, next year at this time, he’s discussing his long-term deal with the team.

For those who missed today’s media availability, the interviews can be found HERE.

What are your thoughts on today’s press conferences? Do you think Austin Jackson can win the battle at right tackle? Should the team sign Mike Gesicki long-term? How do you feel about the middle of Miami’s defense? Let us know in the comments section below!