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No team has less invested in the 2022 NFL Draft than the Miami Dolphins

Miami has a league-low four draft picks this year.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Head Coach Mike McDaniel Introductory Press Conference Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have less 2022 NFL Draft capital than any other team in the league and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The draft is slated to begin on April 28 and this year’s class lacks the promise that had teams climbing up the draft order for that franchise-altering piece in past seasons.

Miami, a team that has struggled to get over the hump and become a threat in the playoffs, chose a different route to inject talent into the roster, trading a first-round pick, second-round pick, fourth-round pick and two late-round picks next season for superstar receiver Tyreek Hill.

The move has left Miami with four picks, No. 102, No. 125, No. 224 and No. 247. The Raiders have just five picks while the Panthers, Commanders, Buccaneers and Bears all have six picks.

ESPN’s Field Yates shared a chart, which was created with the help of Rich Hill’s draft pick value table, that highlights Miami’s 63 pick value, the lowest in the NFL.

The Rams, who have eight picks, have the second-lowest total value at 71. Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the only teams with a value below 100 while all other teams have at least 202 points of value.

Team building may come in many different shapes and sizes, Miami General Manager Chris Grier didn’t believe he could find value for his picks in this year’s draft. In fact, hopes of trading down have been linked to many teams inside the top ten as scouts work to decipher prospects worthy of top draft picks.

Four draft picks aren’t a lot for Miami to work with, but having Hill outweighs even the most promising mock drafts for first-year coach Mike McDaniel. Grier and company will have more time to discuss potential options at pick No. 102, which is in the third round.

Most are projecting an offensive lineman, maybe a center, to Miami? Will the front office be that predictable, or does the front office have its eyes set elsewhere? Running back? Linebacker?