This is my guess for how the 2022 Schedule will look

Because Miami has upped their roster, I think the NFL will give Miami three prime time games. One regular TNF game and a Turkey day game, and one MNF game. Since Miami hasn’t had Buffalo to start a season in a few years I think they will start and end with them in 2022. The league started having divisional games to begin and end the season and it has been the Patriots of late. With Prime getting TNF, a spectical in South Florida and Rodgers will be attractive. Tua versus Herbert on MNF and allowing Miami to do a double week west coast road trip. They could flip this and have McDaniel visiting SF for this instead. See what you think.

1. Sunday September 11 @ Buffalo

2. Sunday September 18 vs NY Jets

3. Thursday September 22 vs Green Bay

4. Sunday October 2 @Chicago

5. Sunday October 9 vs Houston

6. Bye

7. Monday October 24 @ Los Angeles Chargers or @ San Francisco

8. Sunday October 30 @ San Francisco or @ Los Angeles Chargers

9. Sunday November 6 vs Pittsburgh

10. Sunday November 13 vs New England

11. Sunday November 20 @Baltimore

12. Thursday November 24 Turkey Day @Detroit

13. Sunday December 4 vs Minnesota

14. Sunday December 11 @Cincinnati

15. Sunday December 18 @New England

16. Sunday December 25 vs Cleveland (could be a Saturday December 24 also as I think the NFL will have that kind of split)

17. Sunday January 1 @NY Jets

18. Sunday January 8 vs Buffalo

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