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NFL Free Agency 2022: A Tip of the Cap to Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

General Manager Chris Grier has traditionally gotten a lot of flak from the Miami Dolphins fanbase. Oftentimes it is well deserved, yet there are plenty of times where it feels like it is a little over the top. Take earlier this week, for example...

Fans were looking at the offseason moves made by Chris Grier and were left wanting just a little bit more, especially along the offensive line where only former Cowboys’ guard, Connor Williams, had been signed to man the LG spot. “Where is our big money tackle?” screamed every Tom, Dick and Harry into the screens of their phones as they refreshed their Twitter feeds every 7.6 seconds.

And then Tuesday night happened.

Miami signed former New Orleans tackle, Terron Armstead, to a five year deal with a base salary of $75 million. According to many outlets, Armstead was the top ranked free agent heading into the offseason, and was expected to command $20 million plus per year, yet Grier got him to sign on the dotted line for far less than he was projected to make.

Many Dolphins fans breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Miami’s commitment to protecting their young investment at the quarterback position, Tua Tagovailoa, is a legitimate one.

Yet there were still some fans moaning and complaining that the Dolphins hadn’t made that big of a splash in an effort to upgrade Miami’s weapons that surround Tua. Well, those concerns were quickly put to bed less than 24 hours later when Chris Grier pulled the trigger on the biggest trade Miami has made since sending multiple first round picks for Ricky Williams in 2002.

In a move that sent shock-waves around the entire NFL, the Miami Dolphins sent 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks this year, plus 4th and 6th round picks next year to acquire Chiefs wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, a former 3x First-team All-Pro selection, 1 time Second-team All-Pro selection, six time Pro Bowl selection, and one time World Champion.

There it was. There was your splash. In fact, there was your tsunami.

If someone had told you just a few weeks ago that Miami would be dressing Tyreek Hill in aqua and orange threads at the beginning of the 2022 NFL Season you would have laughed until you cried and then cried until you laughed, yet that is a reality as you sit here and read this column today.

While I know that games aren’t won in the offseason, the Dolphins have set themselves up for a potentially wildly successful 2022 season thanks in part to the additions they have made in the last week or so.

Chris Grier re-signed many key pieces from past squads including Emmanuel Ogbah, Mike Gesicki and Nik Needham. He added Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert to the running backs room in an effort to inject some speed and big-play ability in the ground game, while also adding Alec Ingold at the fullback position, an integral part of new coach Mike McDaniel’s offense. As mentioned above, he added Connor Williams and Terron Armstead to help facilitate that ground game while also protecting Tua Tagovailoa and giving him extra time to hit deeper passes downfield. Cedrick Wilson and Tyreek Hill were brought in to a wide receiver room that badly needed more electrifying pieces to go along with Miami’s own, Jaylen Waddle. A competent backup quarterback was added in case of injury, as Teddy Bridgewater will replace Jacoby Brissett in that position.

Chris Grier hasn’t always been a perfect general manager, but no matter if you love him or hate him, you at least have to give him the respect he is due for putting together one of the best offseasons in recent memory for our Miami Dolphins. While spending big bucks in free agency doesn’t always equate to winning football games on Sundays in the fall, something about this offseason feels different. It feels like Miami had a clear plan and now they are executing that plan perfectly.

So, let me represent all Miami Dolphins fans when I give a tip of the cap to Chris Grier for the work he has done and the work he will continue to do for the rest of the 2022 offseason. What an exciting time to be a Miami Dolphins supporter!


What grade would you give the Dolphins offseason so far? Do you feel like the offense will be much improved in the 2022 season? Which addition do you think will be the most impactful one? What position would you like to see them address next? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @MBrave13. Fins up!