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Phinsider Question Of The Day-The Wow, What Just Happened? Edition!

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After a few days of free agency, any Miami Dolphins fan that paid attention to social media could tell that a large chunk of the fan base was disgruntled. Why? Well, all we heard about heading up to the free agency period this off-season was how much cap space the team had and how it was the most space held by any team in the NFL, and how they could make this giant splash with all that money. This was going to give the new coaching staff all the scratch it needed to greatly improve this roster and shape or mold it into their vision for this team going forward. Then not a ton happened, at least in the eyes of some fans.

Sure, fan-favorite Mike Gesiki signed his tender sheet to stay with the team through at least this upcoming season on what many believe to be a prove me deal on the team's part. Many believed that Gesiki’s lack of skill blocking would cost him his roster spot on the team given that new head coach Mike McDaniels runs an offense that is predicated on EVERYONE blocking for the running game. Either way, no one will know what the team is thinking of doing with Gesiki until the season kicks off but boy are we all jonesing to find out...

Then they signed a lot of our own players back to cheap deals. Mostly guys that were backups but also pieces that you have to have to fill out a roster. Not exciting but you knew that they couldn’t let half the roster just walk away and hope to field a team. Then the other signings began but none seemed to excite the fan base much either, even though a lot of media took notice and gave props to the way the Phins had handled free agency up to that point even though the true free agency period had only been open 5 to 6 days at that point.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm by the fan base, the team did immediately upgrade the running back position by signing both Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds as well as adding a much-needed quality offensive guard with the deal handed to Conner Williams. Then only one top target for the fans seemed left. Offensive tackle Terron Armstead was not only the top target for much of this fan base but the team ultimately must have also agreed. By the time this weekend was in full swing all the other top offensive linemen had been signed elsewhere and some fans grumbled, wondering if the team would screw this up and let Armstead get away as well.

Not only was Armstead most of us fans’ top target in free agency he was also considered the best/top free agent on the market and by far the best offensive lineman to come free this year. In a normal situation a lineman of Armstead’s quality, even given his injury history, would not have come free on the open market but of course, his former team was the Saints, the team that seems to have zero clue as to how to manage a salary cap. And then just like that Armstead visited Miami and did not leave without a nice fat contract. Of course, there were still fans that complained. Either he gets hurt too much or this guy does not guard Tua’s blindside and on and on.

Then this morning happened. We went out and traded for possibly the most electric offensive weapon in the NFL right now, Tyreek Hill. What? And I slept in late today as I and the wife were off and we stayed up late binging on our latest show. I woke up to my phone blowing up with alerts. The one thing about being a Dolphins fan over the years that you get used to is the unpredictable. Just when it looks like the team won’t do anything much in free agency they go out and have the most incredible 24 hours the team has had in a very long time. As for the trade itself, the Dolphins gave up a lot in draft capital but a guy like Hill is always going to cost a lot.

Sure a first is a lot by itself but our first was almost a second this year and we still go into the next offseason with two first-rounders. From my vantage point, it seems like the team and the coaching staff are going to give Tua Tagovailoa every single advantage that they can find to make him successful. This season is important for a lot of people associated with the Dolphins but maybe none more than Tua. This is his make-or-break season. Show us enough to continue to stick by you as our answer for our long-term starting quarterback or we can use our two first-rounders next year to trade up and pick another guy in a draft that is going to be far more quarterback rich than this upcoming draft.

So tonight’s question of the day is do you think the signings in free agency and especially the two signings in the last couple of days give this team enough talent to make a legitimate push in the AFC East or at the very least a legit push for the playoffs this year? Do you think these moves set the franchise on the right course or do you see any of this as a continuation of the mistakes that have plagued this team for more than two decades?

Give us your thoughts below-