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Phinsider Qeustion Of The Day-Who’s Got Value Edition 02/08/2022

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The Miami Dolphins' new head coach Mike McDaniel seemed to get right to work when he hit the ground in Miami and for good reason. He has what seems like a nearly impossible task ahead of him over the next month. He must evaluate the current staff and make decisions on each current member as to whether he wishes to keep each one individually or not. On top of that, he will need to hire several staff members to replace Flores’ staff that do not fit his vision or leave for other jobs or that he just does not believe did a good enough job under the previous head coach. And sometimes those coaches did a stellar job but every new head coach wants his own guys too, forcing a current good to great assistant to move on to another gig.

Then there’s the roster. The biggest issue for McDaniel by far, I would guess, is trying to sift through the current roster and decide how each player fits his vision of a complete football team. He must pour over tapes for hours upon hours to evaluate each of the current players on the roster. Do they fit what he wants to do in his system? Can he change what they were previously doing or how they were playing to position to better fit what he needs out of them? Does the position just flat out need an upgrade in the offseason to fit what he wants to do on that side of the ball? Is the player good but does not fit his system so he can hopefully have Grier move them for a draft pick(s) or a player(s)? Is the player good but too expensive given his production or age or both and now should he try and trade the guy or renegotiate a new more team-friendly deal to keep the guy on the roster?

Then there are those guys that are free agents. There’s a lot of them going into the next league year. Decisions have to be made on each of those. Do you try and re-sign or let them walk or maybe try and work out a sign and trade for a guy that might be great but will fail in your system? It’s a lot to figure out in the next four weeks and five days before the 2022 NFL league year begins. I think that we all know despite the fact that the Dolphins hold the most cap space going into this offseason we also might have one of the longest lists of unsigned players. The Dolphins currently have 28 players on their roster whose contracts will expire on the last day of the league season. In addition to the 28 pending free agents, the team also has 45 players under contract but that number includes the players that the team signed to future contracts after the teams season ended, most of which are unlikely to make the final roster and will most likely just make some good money to become camp fodder. Besides evaluating our entire roster and our free agents he will also in this next month have to spend a ton of time evaluating other team's free agents for whom the team may wish to target in free agency.

So while this team seems to be sitting on a mountain of cap space they also have a ton of holes to fill before next season with some of our pending free agents who are going to cost a lot more than they previously did to keep them. Sure, Grier should have extended some of these guys last season while he could have gotten them at a better price. Even a guy like Mike Gesicki who many expect to not be re-signed by the team due to his lack of ability to run block in McDaniels scheme would have been a good choice to extend on the cheap when they could have because he would have at least been excellent trade bait with what I have to assume is more than a couple of teams that would be willing to trade for his talents, especially if it was tied to a very team-friendly contract.

So after that exhaustive read, if you did in fact read it all, the question of the day is what players who are currently on the roster if any, would you like to see the team try and move via trade, and why? What sort of compensation would you demand for said player? Would you if you were the GM take less if there were no takers even close to your initial demand for compensation? Are there players on the roster that need to just be cut no matter what and why? What players should this team look at as free agents that they MUST re-sign and why?

To see the complete Miami Dolphins' current roster and what their individual cap hit is in 2022 and beyond and even a tool that allows you to see how it would affect the cap if you were to trade or cut each player go over to It also has a complete list of impending free agents along with their status. Check it out here at