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Phinsider Question Of The Day-Now What Edition 02/08/2022

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Well now that the new head coach is in town and already working, what, besides the obvious of nailing down his staff, are the first or at least most important things that you would like to see from Mike McDaniel? As of today NFL teams have four weeks and six days until they can even start to resign their own guys that the wish to keep. This would seem to be a great thing for the new head coach and his eventual coaching staff, giving them time to pour over tapes of last season in an effort to pinpoint the guys that will fit their new systems and which ones they may wish to either just allow leave in free agency or possibly even trade away or outright cut.

While this massive change in coaching for the Miami Dolphins is not supposed to be the start of yet another rebuild there is zero chance that this upcoming season’s roster looks like last years roster. Sure, I know that several familair faces will return. Some of the younger guys we have are solid building blocks for any offense or defense while other players on the team either desperatly need upgrading or just may not fit what the new coach/coaches want from their respective sides of the ball. I know in the NFL roster change every single season. Guys retire, guys decide they want to move to another team or are just cut and sometimes traded by every team but what we have seen for what seems like forever is a franchise that has had zero stabibility at not just the coaching positions but also with the roster.

One year a guy is a hero and next year he might be gone? When do we get to the point as a franchise where we get say a center and can then think, “Hey thats our center for at least the next decade barring injury!”? I want the Dolphins to be one of those franchises. Maybe we don’t get there with Grier as GM but if the point that I have seen made a thousand times, that Grier usually gives way to what the coach wants is true then I still think we can still get closer to being that kind of an oganization again.

So tonight’s questions of the day are not only what would you like to see McDaniel do with the coaching staff but what would you like to see done with the roster come March? Which players that are free agents do you wish to see the team re-sign? Which need to be just allowed to walk? Which players should he cut as they will most likely no longer serve a purpose on this team (assuming they did beforehand)? Which free agents should he and his staff target? And which players do you think that McDaniel actually decide to keep that looked either like poor players at their position or that rarely if ever saw the field because Mike believes that they were wrongly used and he can get the most out of them and make them true NFL pros? And circling back to coaches, what kind of coaches would you like to see our first time young coach bring in to help smooth out the bumbs that are part of being a first time head coach?