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PHINSIDER RADIO | The Dolphins hire 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel to be their new head coach — Miami Dolphins Podcast


Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Miami Dolphins announced they would be hiring San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel as the team’s next head coach. Unfortunately, it was a little too late last night for Jake and I to record (I have kids!), so we were determined to get together earlier today to discuss the recent hire and so much more.

First, here’s a picture of Mike McDaniel and his family boarding their flight to South Florida.

And now, a new episode of Phinsider Radio: APPLE / SPOTIFY

Listen to the latest episode of SBNation’s Phinsider Radio: The Jake and Josh Show below!

First, Jake and I discussed how we felt as the weekend unfolded, and at one point, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore seemed like a ‘legit-legit’ candidate. Would that have been the worst thing in the world? I don’t know, but most of #DolphinsTwitter unanimously wanted McDaniel to be the hire.

Later we break down the Mike McDaniel signing and try to figure out who he may bring in to take over Miami’s talented defense (if anyone), Vic Fangio rumors, calling plays, Deebo Samuel, Gerrid Doaks, Mewtwo and so much more!

What are your thoughts on the Miami Dolphins hiring Mike McDaniel? Do you have a preference as to what they do at defensive coordinator? Keep Josh Boyer? Sign Vic Fangio? Maybe another candidate like Wink Martindale? Should McDaniel call plays? What are your expectations for the 2022 NFL season? Let us know in the comments section below!