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RUMOR | Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross wanted to pursue Sean Payton and Tom Brady for 2022 NFL Season

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross tried to bring Sean Payton and Tom Brady to Miami, but Brian Flores’ lawsuit foiled his plans.

NFL: JAN 09 Saints at Falcons Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First, let me start by saying.

The source is Mike Florio.

Now that we got the important stuff out of the way, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting owner Stephen Ross tried to speak with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton shortly after he announced he’d be sitting out the 2022 NFL season.

And who could blame him? Payton is one of the best coaches in the history of the league.

But wait, it gets better.

Before Brian Flores’ lawsuit, according to PFT, the plan was to pair Payton with one of the best quarterbacks of all time—Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.

That’s right, in an alternate timeline, both Tom Brady AND Sean Payton would have been Dolphins in 2022.

Florio wrote:

On the record, Dolphins declined comment. Team sources who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issues confirmed that the team contacted the Saints to seek permission to speak to Payton. The Saints, per Dolphins sources, declined the request, which they contend was made after Payton resigned on Tuesday, January 25 but before Flores filed his lawsuit one week later.

By rule, the Dolphins first would have had to reach an agreement with the Saints as to potential compensation for hiring Payton. Once an agreement had been reached, the Dolphins then would have had to work out an agreement directly with Payton.

Ross and Grier appear happy with McDaniel, as does the entire Dolphins’ fanbase. But let’s not kid ourselves because a team coached by Sean Payton with Tom Brady at the helm would’ve been incredible to see.

It would have also cost the Dolphins a few draft picks to trade for Sean Payton, and depending on Brady’s contract status, that could be even more resources.

So, I don’t know how he planned on luring him away from the Buccaneers.

What I do know is Payton won’t be on an NFL sideline in 2022, and Tom Brady may or may not be retiring. Nevertheless, there is still speculation that when the Buccaneers QB finally calls it quits, he could purchase a minority ownership stake in the Dolphins. (This has been reported several times by several different outlets.)

Florio wrote:

As to Brady, Dolphins sources contend that internal discussions occurred regarding the possibility of adding Brady as a minority owner, but that those considerations currently are on hold. The delay, per Dolphins sources, has nothing to do with the lawsuit; it’s more about the uncertain status of Brady’s retirement from playing. Once it’s clear he’s not coming back to play for the Buccaneers or some other team, the plan for selling a piece of the team to Brady could proceed.

Rumors have persisted for two years regarding Brady’s potential involvement with the Dolphins, either as a player or as a partial owner. The connection arises from Brady’s friendship with Bruce Beal, a significant limited partner who is poised to eventually purchase the team from Stephen Ross. Indeed, as Brady approached free agency in 2020, the Patriots were very concerned that Brady would join the Dolphins as a player — with partial ownership on the table.

Tom Brady as a Miami Dolphins minority owner would be perfectly fitting, considering the guy pwned the Dolphins for the last two decades—even if Miami did make his life miserable, two times every calendar year.

What are your thoughts on Mike Florio’s report that the Dolphins wanted to pair Sean Payton with Tom Brady for the 2022 NFL season? Would you be upset if Tom Brady became a minority owner? Does any of this stuff matter to you at all with the NFL combine only a day away? Let us know in the comments section below!