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Dolphins’ HC Mike McDaniel excited to work with star wide receiver Jaylen Waddle

“Yes! I’d start him in fantasy.”

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the talk surrounding the Miami Dolphins—since the team officially announced the Mike McDaniel signing—has focused around starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and what this hire means for his development heading into a critical year three.

But Tua wasn’t the only offensive player Mike McDaniel was excited to work with now that he’s arrived in Miami.

In a recent interview with Dan Le Batard, McDaniel enthusiastically told the world how excited he was to get to work with “WADDLE”!

“I just talked with him on Monday, and I think he understands his leadership role on this team.” Mike McDaniel said. “He’s a phenomenal talent and guess what, the best and easiest way to get yards is to give it to a really talented player.”

McDaniel continued: “The 49ers the last four or five years have led the team in YAC, the reason that is because we are addicted to getting our skill position players that are good at running the ball—the ball.”

“So yes, I’d start him in fantasy. But beyond that, I think you should see some jumps in the Miami Dolphins offense next year. What those look like will be determined this offseason and the way the players work and attack things moving forward.”

Jaylen Waddle broke the NFL rookie record for receptions in 2021 with 104 catches.

Alongside Mike McDaniel, the sky is truly the limit, and if Miami’s new head coach has any say, Waddle’s second season is going to be even more explosive than his first.

What are your thoughts on Mike McDaniel’s comments on wide receiver Jaylen Waddle? Do you expect Waddle to take the next step in his career? Can he surpass his 104 receptions from 2021? Will he score more than six touchdowns this upcoming season? Let us know in the comments section below!