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Dolphins’ HC Mike McDaniel set to add Darrell Bevell, Tyrone McKenzie, and Chandler Henley to coaching staff

Mike McDaniel is putting together an impressive coaching staff.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

When the Miami Dolphins hired Mike McDaniel to be their next head coach, the first question on everyone’s mind was what would his coaching staff look like and who he would rely on when the going gets tough.

Up until this point, I think fans were pleased with McDaniel’s coaching staff, especially when you compared it to the clusterf*** that Brian Flores tried to piece together on the offensive side of the football.

Since McDaniel’s arrival, the first-time head coach has made several changes to his coaching staff. He’s also kept Josh Boyer on as defensive coordinator, and some of Miami’s other position coaches have survived the purge as well.

But the signing that was most important (IMO) with a make-or-break-year for Tua Tagovailoa—outside of the hiring of Mike McDaniel himself—was the Quarterbacks coach. Last year, Flores tried to bring in Charlie Frye—who had familiarity with Tagovailoa—but that just added another layer to Miami’s head-scratching offensive structure. (Though, I think we have to credit him for most of the RPO stuff.)

However, this year, the Dolphins will have a coach with over 22 years of coaching experience at the NFL level.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Dolphins are targeting former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator and interim head coach Darrell Bevell as the team’s pass-game coordinator and Quarterbacks coach. A key piece in Tua Tagovailoa’s development.

Bevell is best known for his seven-year stint with the Seattle Seahawks, where he groomed quarterback Russell Wilson. Other quarterbacks he’s helped develop and worked with over the years range from Brett Favre to Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, Trevor Lawrence, and many more.

Besides Seattle, Bevel was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings (2006-2010), Detroit Lions (2019-2020), and the Jacksonville Jaguars (2021).

Can he be the guy to help unlock Tagovailoa’s potential alongside McDaniel and help open up Miami’s passing game?

That’s a bet I’d be willing to take.

Bevell, 52, also has previous experience as an interim head coach, which could be invaluable to a 38-year-old first-timer. Bevell is 2-7 in his career as head coach and most recently, went 1-3 last season as interim HC with the Jags.

Mike McDaniel is adding two other coaches to his coaching staff: Chandler Henley, the former Atlanta Falcons assistant offensive line coach, and Tyrone McKenzie, the versatile linebackers coach who most recently coached alongside Matt Patricia in Detroit.

Henley is another stone in McDaniel’s infinity gauntlet and another offensive hire with a history of developing a run game.

Per The Athletic’s Josh Kendall.

McDaniel’s final addition to the coaching staff came right before the clock struck midnight when it was reported that Miami would be hiring Tyrone McKenzie to coach outside linebackers.

He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft. (97th overall).

McKenzie played in the league for five seasons before joining the Los Angeles Rams as an assistant special teams coach in 2017. He then coached inside linebackers with the Tennessee Titans, linebackers with the Detroit Lions, and now outside linebackers with the Dolphins.

Here’s a video of McKenzie working on position drills like a perfectly normal person that is not at all a complete bada$$. I don’t know how this translates, but I feel pretty optimistic and look forward to seeing what he brings to the team.

(I also look forward to Andrew Van Ginkel and Jaelan Phillips participating in this drill)

In the end, we don’t honestly know how Mike McDaniel and his coaching staff will fare. But one thing is for sure if Flores could build half the offensive staff that McDaniel has shown he can, Coach Flores may still be the head coach of the Dolphins.

“Let me check your pulse, if you’re not fired up.”

Edit: 11:30 AM EST

Darrell Bevell, Matt Applebaum, and Chandler Henley are officially joining the Dolphins according to the Miami Herald’s Daniel Oyefusi. Henley will be Miami’s assistant QBs coach.

What are your thoughts on Mike McDaniel’s coaching staff? Do you like the Darrell Bevell hire? Can Tyron McKenzie help Andrew Van Ginkel and Jaelan Phillps take the next step? Will Chandler Henley help the offensive line improve from one of the league’s worst to a serviceable unit? Let us know in the comments section below!