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Phinsider Open Thread & Question Of The Day: How Will You Handle The Dolphins 12/25 Week 16 Game?

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Our Miami Dolphins are holding onto an eight-and-four record after this past weekend with five more games left to play this season. The final five games and their outcomes are even more pressing for this team if they hope to stay in the playoff hunt with the chance to also win the AFC East for the first time in what feels like many lifetimes. The next five games include not only one more game with each of our AFC East rivals but also two out-of-division games, this upcoming weekend's game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night and a Christmas Day game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Dolphins are having the best season that many of us can remember in forever and for some fans the best season they have ever seen up to this point. With that most of us refuse to miss a single play let alone a single game, doing whatever we have to in order to find a way to watch the game each week no matter where we might be at the time. So of course in this amazing season, we are seeing there is a game sitting right in the middle of Christmas day. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas but for many of us it marks a day of either having more family than we remembered having in our own home or a day of going to another relative's/close friend's home or multiple relative's/close friend’s homes.

The Christmas day game will also be a national broadcast so you can literally watch it from anywhere there is a television so long as those in charge of such things wherever you may happen to be are down with watching football on the holiday. So tonight’s question is how are you going to handle Christmas day as it relates to watching our Dolphins play? Some might have family members that are also at the very least football fans so if you are at their home you are probably home free but what will the rest of us do? Give us your plans, for watching our Phins continue their drive toward the playoffs in the comment section below-

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