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Most Fans Seem To Think Team Still Has A Chance With Tua Sidelined

We take a look at where the fans fall on the current Tua situation and it’s effect on the teams ability to win

SPORTS-TUAS-ABILITY-GIVES-HIM-BIG-1-MI David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the Phinsider faithful a question after finding out that Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa once again was suffering from the effects of a concussion: Can the Miami Dolphin win without Tua Tagovailoa? While I believe that every Dolphins fan wants whatever is best for Tua the person and his well-being going forward, be it in or out of football this question also comes with a lot of other underlying questions which is reflected in the comments of some of our site members.

Dolfanjoe asks a lot of the same questions that most of us Dolphins fans have. Is Tua out a game, for the season or possibly forever-

Can we win? Hmmm, that is the question! For starters, i really don’t know who I want to start at QB. Kinda feel we could go either way. Bridgewater definitely brings more experience and maybe even a better arm to the game. Yet Skylar seems to have sufficient arm strength and does have the mobility factor going for him. And yes less experience. Win or lose with both being possible, so it seems that Bridgewater is going to get the first call on this. We are talking two games and without winning both, continuing on from there seems like a far-fetched idea. Do we throw Skylar out there and give him more experience for going into next year, or do we just hope that Bridgewater can get it done and Tua is back for the final game? If he doesn’t get it done this week, what difference does it make if Tua sits out the last one and does ponder retirement? Should the medical field offer him the best advice for him and his newly started family, we would go into next year with one QB on the roster and that would be Skylar. So is it time we give him the experience now? This is a tough decision for many involved with this team, both players and Coaches.

Dolphinfan1323 believes we can win but puts the responsibility on coaches and other areas of the team which seems more than fair-

Yes, they can win the next two games against the Patriots and jets they aren’t good teams. Mike McDaniel needs to step up with his playcalling. Special teams really need to step up no matter who is at QB. Also, when is the last time this defense has actually flipped momentum or won a game for the dolphins I don’t mean just hold the other team to a FG with under 2 minutes left to keep it a one-score game

NeenerWhacker doesn’t really say if we can win but points out something that this team needs to show more consistently to win no matter who is under center-

Regardless of who is under Connors butt, we have got to establish the ground game.

ImadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones much like his very long and wordy screen name did not disappoint with his long and thoughtful comment pointing out the great level of talent that this team has while also expressing the worry and stress that we all seem to suffer via this team each and every season-

Can the team win? Yes. The Patriots are the worst they’ve been in 25 years and the Jets have probably the worst starting QB in the NFL.Will the team win? It’s not looking great. Between offense, defense, and special teams, pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong over the past month.The team is more loaded with talent than I’ve seen in 20 years. Hill, Waddle, Armstead, Gesicki, Mostert, Ingold, Holland, Wilkins, Phillips, X, Seiler, Chubb. Even with the injuries to the defense, there’s talent out there on Sunday. Kohou has stepped up and balled out all season. Wilkins is on fire. Holland is elite. But the team has two wins against teams with winning records, and both of those were a hair away from being losses. McDaniel has an opportunity over the next two weeks to show everyone that he was the man to turn things around here. He has an opportunity to right the ship and gets this team to the playoffs when everything is going wrong and things look bleak. Coaching can win the next two games because even without Tua, we have talent on the field. We can be the team that wants it more and plays with grit and determination. Or we can roll over and fold like we’ve seen all too many times from this team over the years. I hope McDaniel is the guy and I hope we blow the doors off New England on Sunday. But this organization has burned us all so many times in the last two decades that I’m feeling like Queasy Joe right now.

KrisAKraft had a more simple but to-the-point comment-

Both games are extremely winnable. These last 2 games will tell us a lot about the coaches and players. It’s not like they don’t have all week to draw up a game plan for teddy and the rest of the team.

Captain Dolphin expressed the feelings that we have all felt lately-

Can we win without Tua? Well, lately we haven’t won much with Tua. Can’t be any worse than how we’ve done so far

Jdubs03 seems a lot more pessimistic than some but still understandable given the team's recent past-

Who cares if we make the playoffs when we all know we don’t stand a chance against a decent team? No, we won’t win with teddy under center. Too much being put on McDaniel when he’s made significant progress with our team. I don’t like how he can’t utilize geseicki in the pass game and his consistent stray from the running game At least when it’s working. We lack DBs and a coverage linebacker on defense to really stop anyone. But I guess people r satisfied making playoffs n getting blown out. I would personally rather lose out knowing the end goal is unattainable n get a better draft pick.

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