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Rapoport: The Miami Dolphins are bringing 1,400 pounds worth of cold weather gear to Buffalo

Is it enough to keep warm?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

There is a Lake Effect Snow Warning in Buffalo and it’s only fitting that the Miami Dolphins are scheduled to play the Bills in the middle of it.

The snow warning is in effect until 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Saturday’s forecast, from the Greater Buffalo International Airport, features the potential of 7 to 11 inches of snow during the afternoon and another 2 to 4 inches along with gusts of wind as high as 21 miles per hour and a chance of thunder.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport shared some details on how Miami is preparing for the conditions.

“I’d say the team will be ready,” Rapoport said on Saturday morning. “They’ll be wearing those capes, kind of like parkas, to make sure they’re warm enough. 1,400 pounds of cold-weather gear and seven extra trunks (of equipment) are what they’ll bring with them.

“Three trunks of scuba gear and three trunks of thermo gear. You guys are going to see, they’re going to need it today. One trunk of snow boots for coaches and [quaterback] Tua [Tagovailoa] will be using hand warmers sown into his jersey.”

The team will likely need every pound of equipment in order to sweep the Buffalo Bills for the first time since 2016.